Just Jot It January: Humiliate (Tarred & Feathered)

So it’s closing in on Friday night, almost 6PM here and once again I’ve notices this tag or posts popping again an hour or so ago. This is the second time only I’ve joined in this, did coffee one then missed a day but yesterday didn’t post anything at all but I’m back today doing this thingy again. Got to maybe plan these a little better or not, I don’t know?

The theme word is “Humiliated” or “Humiliation” so called me old fashion or something? But I just started to think of people being tarred and feathered back in the good old days, not so good if you were the one being tarred & feathered. This is now after a couple of beers but shows how my bloody head works, is anyone else going to write about something this crazy as something way back then after this little theme word? I don’t know?


So first up is the painting by Sidney Nolan, Tarred and Feathered, 1945, enamel paint on cardboard. Which leads into me quoting one of my faves of all-time, Nick Cave:

“Sidney Nolan’s paintings mostly tell stories and the stories are often of outcasts and outsiders. This gloriously anarchic painting tells the story of Riverina Dick, who had been tarred and feathered and cast out of the town. Tarring and feathering was the ultimate public humiliation; a shunning, often inflicted on an individual with the tacit approval of the locals. Little is known of the details of the story, but surely the prostrate woman was is in some way at the heart of the misadventure. Looking at the abject Riverina Dick, one cannot help but see Jesus escorted by soldiers on his way to Calvary, isolated, spurned and full of thorns, like the Grunewald Christ – all under a merciless Australian sky. “

Which can just go into scene in a movie he wrote the screenplay for a film called Lawless in 2012 with the tarring and feathering by the evil, corrupt special deputy Charley Rakes played by Guy Pearce to a bootlegger who breaks his law. This YouTube clip tells us it’s a deleted scene by as far as I remember it was in the final movie, well the one I seen here in Australia that I have on DVD. It’s pretty hellish scene so don’t just hit play without thinking about it, if you’ve not seen this before.

Now I could tell you more about the history of tarring & feathering but because I’m already feeling sick just thinking about it and I’ll like to point out again this is really just a music blog so here’s some tracks that fit into that theme. Now I can’t think of any song with that word exactly, can you? But looking at the humiliation definition with embarrassment, mortification, shame etc. so here’s a few to make your own Friday more enjoyably too! Plus I can’t think of any tarred & feathered songs, not even in a Nick Cave track! Can you? Tonight songs are all from indie music greats of the 90’s and 2000’s as way of little intro to all the tracks below!

Public Embarrassment Blues by The Angels Of Light

Morticiachair by dEUS

Shame by Ed Keupper

Shame by Morphine 

Shame by PJ Harvey

So it’s got dark here, it’s now 7PM Friday night and that’s a hour stuffing about, I’m going to do something else now! You got any songs that work into this theme to share with me now?

I hope these pingbacks do work? The daily prompt was “Humiliate” by A Unique Title For Me or Jim, Cheers man 🙂



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