Remembering: “Fast” Eddie Clarke

Well, I never did do a whole post just about Motörhead but they have featured here before so here’s one now! Can I say “Fast” Eddie Clarke was and always my fave member, or will getting my head cut off but all the hard-core fans? Yeah, he always in the background to main man Lemmy and even drummer “Philthy Animal” Taylor, which I somehow missed blogging about both of them, sorry!

But the main reason other than he was the guitar player, his lead solos in the three piece was that he did those classic four early albums the self-titled Motörhead, Overkill, Ace of Spades, Bomber, No Sleep ’til Hammersmith and as Eddie himself pointed out Iron Fist wasn’t the greatest and departed the band in 1982, well it was two days into the tour but did say recording that last album was a nightmare, well something along those lines? Off course Motörhead when on forever but those early albums are by far the best and Eddie put a full stop on them by leaving the band. Lemmy or Ian Fraser Kilmister passed away on 28 December 2015 and Philip John Taylor or better known as Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor passed on 11 November 2015. Foot-note: Both just before staring this blog or was it as it was just kicking-off then? Oh, Eddie full name is Edward Allan Clarke.

Anyway growing up in a small country town, Metal was pretty much the main form of music in my early days. So I that’s how I know this stuff really but just had to plays some today, this Friday morning after reading this sad news. Now this becoming a bit of habit of posting my fave tracks on my blog after this happening but I think it’s the best way to wave good bye to whomever!

Louie Louie


White Line Fever

Motörhead & Girlschool or Motorheadgirlschool – Please Don’t Touch

I’ll Be Your Sister

Ace Of Spades

(We Are) The Road Crew

Stone Dead Forever

OK, Fast Eddie had be gone from the band for like ten years or something here but I love track for early 90’s album which I’ve never blog it before and wicked tribute to the Ramones with R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 

Now my all-time fave Motörhead cover was also after Clarke left the band with the original Orgasmatron release in mid-80’s but I do love Sepultura early 90’s cover way better, with the live version in Spain then on VHS kicking the studio recordings ass!

BTW when I got to Max and Igor from Sep played their Roots album last year, they did an Ace Of Spades which they have been doing all tour. 

The other great cover I really dig is from non-metal band Primal Scream from mid-to-late 90’s album Vanishing Point.

BTW did you know? The song Motorhead was written by Lenny while in Hawkwind before he was kick-out and off course started another band, guess who?

All three members now gone, Fast Eddie, Philthy Animal and Lemmy (L-R) playing with unloaded guns in the early days of the band!

Did I miss your fave Motörhead track/s, let me know now?

Cheers, I’ll have real alcohol drink tonight for him, them and play some more songs/albums 😥


  1. Well you know Overkill is my favourite. but you got Louie Louie which is right up there in my eyes (or ears) and you got I’ll Be Your Sister and (We Are) The Road Crew so that’s a fine list.

    I’d not seen the Sepultura stuff before. It’s cool. I’ve got a 16 hour journey coming up later so I’m just making sure there’s enough ‘Head on my phone to keep me sated.

    Rest In Peace Eddie. RIP Motörhead.

    The Chase was better than the Catch.

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    1. Yeah, yeah you did posted that one on your blog earlier! I could have gone on and on but, you know?

      Like to know what you do think about about Sep once you had a listen? My faves are Arise, Chaos A.D. and Roots albums!

      Here, here it’s just turned 5PM here and I’ve just rise a cool one to him and them all!

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  2. I was never much of a fan but I was living for a spell in a Manchester hotel waiting for the elevator to my floor when lo and behold the door opened … and there was Lemmy, warts ‘n’ all, and three really grotty women hanging off him. I was suitably horrified! I never did get to the band’s gig that night which I now regret because it’s a great music town and I saw great gigs every week.

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