Just Jot It January: Pants Too (Part Two Underpants)

OK, lunchtime Sunday post and third post in one day, amazingly. Now I’m going a bit stupid with part two of pants post which I only just blogged earlier today. Looking some other bloggers with this theme thingy, underpants does count which I did say in that last post is totally different but I guess not now! So here’s my fave “Underpants” stuff or shopping list! I will not go into more details than that, OK?

My fave “Underpants” painting is Martin Kippenberger yet again with some what the sequel to the the last in JustJotJan post with painting called Down With Inflation, 1984, oil and silicone on canvas.


My fave “Underpants” movie scene or should it be “Alan put some pants on!” The Hangover movie waking up scene were that line is repeated a few time but watching again now on youtube it’s only twice, oh well. Is Zach Galifianakis‘ Alan even wearing any underpants at all in that scene?

Now both above are male underpants but below are two fave songs about underwear or panties which is female “Underpants” version really but I can’t start to talk more about that anymore because that would go places I shouldn’t on this blog, sorry!

PulpUnderwear (1995)

HTRK Panties (2009)

Got any “Underpants” songs you’ll like to share with me now?

Cheers 🙂



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