Just Jot It January: Pants

So I’m still kind-of figuring this out as I go along. Sunday’s post is my third one, I guess you call it a set now? I’ve found the full list now of all the old themes so I’m going backwards now to do this older one I missed. The one just before “COFFEE!” someone did pick “Pants” as a prompt for everyone to write a post about so that’s want you are reading for me now.

Pants really are just an everyday boring thing but I can tell you about get some very nice dark green ones the other day for myself. I wear pants all the time, you know? Unless I’m not but you don’t what to know about that! What else do you say about pants really?

So as I’ve seem to be doing for my last two posts like this, I have pick out some fave stuff around this prompt/theme but it’s only one song I can think of and then a painting this time!

My fave “Pants” song of all-time is Dirty Pants by Smog AKA Bill Callaham (2001)

My fave “Pants” painting of all-time is by Martin KippenbergerNieder mit der Bourgeoisie (Down with the Bourgeoisie) oil and silicone on canvas, 1983


That was pretty quick and short, oh well. This was for January 8th, not the 14th so I’m a bit late but I’m still very new to this. Now I can think of more things for underpants but that’s totally different, hey? Once again Just Jot It January is hosted by blogger Linda via today blog called pensitivity101, thank you!

I’ve now just got to ask can you think of anymore “Pants” song/s and would you like to share with me?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh no, they’re like pants pants like trousers I guess would be another word I could use but it’s because it’s summer here and now, I’ve got sick of wearing shorts or jeans so I got them! Just looking at Wikipedia which says it’s trousers (British English) or pants (American English) but nothing about (Australian English) Anyway cheers again, it was fun 🙂

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      1. Today morning weather report in Perth, W.A. Australia it’s finally stop raining but 99% likely going to today again! What’s happening in your part of the world? All this talk about weather reminds me about one of my fave movies with a weather man as the main guy, you know Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day film? I should watch it again tonight!


      2. In the UK last night we had sleety showers . This morning it was beautiful, sunny and clear. We’ve been out and some 30 miles away it was dark skies and showers. Back home and it’s sunny, but cold. Guess we’re the weatherman’s nightmare! Reports of minus temperatures and arctic conditions in Scotland and Northern Ireland won’t affect us immediately. We’re on the East coast, so get the cold winds off the North Sea.

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