Playlist: My Mixtapes #33

Edit: Now on spotify playlist too!

The very 1st of my old mixtapes of 2018 today, if you need something to listen too?

So I’ve found all the very long lists I made of these mixtapes over the silly season but listening to this one and looking at what is written as the track listing it is wrong. I seem to have missed to write down the Napalm Death songs on this mad list and are in the wrong order too but don’t worry they’re all below and the right order! These track lists of all my mixtapes is hand written on to an A3 paper, in red pen this time but different color for each lists, years. This one goes for April 2005 to the start of Jan. 2006 with half dozen songs but then you go to the next list to find what is next, if the list is right? The paper has now gone yellow and hold together by sticky tape. All these list are fold up into a neat pile and found them in the back of a draw I’ve not looked in for a very long time.

This is the sixth on CDr so if your not looked at this blog before or for the first time? all posts before that were on cassette tapes but I didn’t finish all those but will go back to complete those later. If you wanna check all the old ones they’re all tagged here. You are listening to one I made in July 2005. That’s the little intro over for this Monday morning post so here are the songs, enjoy!

1. Son HouseJohn The Reveler

2. Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsRed Right Hand [Scream 3 film rewritten and reworking version]

3. The White StripesI’m Lonely (But I’m Not That Lonely Yet)

4. Dirty ThreeRude (And Then Some Slight Returns)

5. Blind Willie McTellAtlanta Strut

6. Bob DylanThings Have Changed

7. Bill WithersBetter Off Dead 

8. Kings Of LeonJoe’s Head

9. The FallInto C.B. Radio

10. Johnny CashOne Piece At A Time

11. The Birthday PartyBig Jesus Trash Can

12. Napalm DeathHuman Garbage

13. InterpolSlow Hands

14. The White StripesRed Rain

15. Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFeel So Good

16. The FallFortress/Deer Park

17. Napalm DeathParasites

18. Kings Of LeonFour Kicks 

19. Johnny CashLong Black Veil 

20. Bob DylanWhen To See The Gypsy

21. Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsIn The Ghetto

We get one or a couple each of a few of my faves back then by some indie rockers of 2000’s. Four sung by Cave, re-written/worked RRH for a movie but it was never used at the time, Birthday Party epic, J. B. Lenoir cover and Elvis P cover. Dylan’s Gypsy has been rumored to be Elvis himself which that’s from 70’s and other is from 2000’s movie Wonder Boys. A couple of very old blues songs, 80’s The Fall and Napalm Death, 70’s singer-songwriter Withers and then off course some C&W by Cash. A total mix bag again but I still love all of them actually!

Now that I’ve found all those lists of the mixtapes on CDrs I’m not keen in doing these playlist posts. It was kind-of the point to find out what’s on them but I do now know, well kind-off it was wrong as I pointed out but mostly right. Who out there still wants me to do these posts? I wish my tape deck was working so could finish those cassette tapes as I wanted to do in the first place. Maybe I’ll just thrown in a mixtape playlist every now and then, OK? What does anyone, everyone think about that then?

It’s Bill Withers today as the featured image!

Did you dig that mix? Got a fave track/s, please let me know?

Cheers 🙂


    1. OK I’ve quickly made one now of these songs and I made one late last year for this post here
      But nope after that but I can start too this year! Someone did asked last year so I will do if that’s you guys like! I kind-of forgot because my go to streaming site is youtube because sometimes you get video clips but maybe I’ll included those as well if I know a song has a great one or something? Like to have a listen to yours if you wanna share?
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. OK thats cool thanks wil check this out. My interests in music are pretty broad I love everything like electro, dub, techno, post-punk, ambient, obscure 70’s electronic stuff, dark goth stuff, metal. I am not sure what to share with you but here’s a post punk playlist 🙂

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      2. Oh cool, cheers man! BTW my user name is a1000mistakes too. I forgot i did made a Nick Cave one that didn’t included the older bigger tracks kind-of but it was my fave tracks back then but I think would be a little diff now but still cool list and I looks like I did made one for my fave of 2015 too. But I think I’ll use it more this year, OK?

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      3. It is unusual for a girl/woman to love this music. It can be quite isolating to like this sort of music my female friends have no idea about it and prefer to listen to things like Ed Sheeran, I want to kill myself when I hear that shit 😦

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      4. Here, here but I’m a bloke so I guess it’s easier for me to say that but my view is everyone can like anything! So it’s wicked you dig other music, maybe even better or cooler you dig it! Mainstream stuff is just that, Ed S is just for the masses but sometimes I do wonder why all those people don’t look beyond than?
        Nice to get to know you a little more about you after all this time, you know your blog or site is the longest I’ve been following since starting doing this one?

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