Cover Versions: The Pogues’ Summer in Siam by Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan

Live Nick Cave started it and then joined by Shane MacGowan himself now in wheel chair for his 60th Birthday party!

“My favourite song of Shane’s is Summer In Siam. It is so bold and simple and condensed. It’s a brave piece of writing. And such a lovely tune.”

Nick Cave on Summer in Siam in the Irish Times last week and just last night performing it. Off course I’ve just got to put it up here on my blog now! So far those are recordings that have made it on too YouTube with one long or short clips, taken your pick!

Now the Summer In Siam original promo video clip back when he was a young man.

Extra bonus stuff now! Nick and Shane have got together before, here’s a few times on stage with Wonderful World in 92 with The Bad Seeds.

Lucy, Rainy Night In Soho & Wonderful World on an English TV show in 92 with Bad Seeds.

Nick Cave talking about Shane MacGowan in the documentary called The Great Hunger in 1997 and then playing Rainy Night In Soho again but just solo on piano this time.

Bob Dylan’s Death Is Not The End with Nick, Shane, Kylie Minogue, Blixa Bargeld and The Bad Seeds in 1995 on another TV show.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ I Put A Spell On You by Shane MacGowan and Friends including Cave in 2010.

Also have you seen Cave and MacGowan them howl like dogs? That one can be found linked here, OK!

His B’Day was on Xmas Day last year but happy B’Day Shane 🙂





  1. Tickets were gone in a few minutes – I was late getting online. Wish I could have been there as I love the venue. I used to see The Pogues every Christmas when they played their annual gig at The Stadium a day or two beforehand so I experienced many memorable gigs when Shane was still upstanding. I shouldn’t even be speaking to you – I have Aussie flu! Day 8! Misery!

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    1. WOW! Than or those would be great gigs to see!
      Why is it an Aussie flu? I’ve never heard of that? Are you like standing upside down under or something? Maybe your hopping like a kangaroo? What other stereo types can I think of? But it’s not like I gave it to you viva your blog or something? I think that would be pretty hard to do!


  2. Jeeez William – thanks for this post. I have always loved Shane MacGowan. He is one of the few people on the planet who make me feel like a health nut. But also he inspires me in that he creates the most beautiful poetry when he puts pen to paper yet remains almost incoherent when he speaks. Apart from actual talent I feel that he and I have a bit in common.
    And Nick Cave. Are there any Australians that don’t take pride in coming from the same country as this evil saint?
    Did you ever watch ‘Ghosts of the Civil Dead’? An interesting modern (oh, shit, sorry …. I guess it’s not modern) Oz film …. not great but …interesting. And I mention it because it also features an old pal of mine, Dave Mason (from Dubbo!).
    Back to Shane, though …. holy shit! He’s only 60???
    I feel like going to the gym!
    No I don’t.

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    1. Cheers RR for saying you enjoyed it! Can I call you that? Or not!
      Nope, I guess Shane is not looking the greatest and yeah only 60!
      Oh yeah, I’m an Aussie who loves Nick and Ghosts film is bloody great!
      Do you mean Dave also from the band The Reels? Love them too but not listened to them for a while now, should tonight!
      Cheers again 🙂


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