Just Jot It January: Justice

The next prompt word is something I did find a little easy to write that the one/s I was talking about yesterday. They’re coming easier and so much fun too plus I’m on a bit of a roll now. Wednesday’s morning post is once again in my shopping list style of all-time fave stuff by me under this theme of “Justice”!

Fave track by the French dance duo that goes under the name Justice is Stress (2008) where in the video clip the local street gang kind-of give out a their own brutal form of no justice and total chaos and destruction. Warning this video has been banned in parts because of this violence.

But you know? The song Stress is even better without that video clip anyway!

Fave song about “Justice” would off course be …And Justice For All by metalheads Metallica (1989) which was inspired by an Al Pacino movie of the very same name from 1979 after the band’s singer, lyric writer James Hetfield saw it.

Fave count-room “Justice” scene would be in not a movie but TV series by HBO in the 2000’s The Wire with great Michael K. Williams‘ Omar Little testifying.

Now my fave painting is Daniel Richter‘s Die Idealisten, oil on canvas, 2008. Which might be stretching a bit today but the clue is tiny in the background in ghostly white what looks like on top of a ladder, OK? It’s just the very first painting I did think of so there could be a better ones for this prompt that I could use but I’m still going to go with it!


That one was pretty short and sweet but that’s fine, I think? Once again JustJotJan is blogger community thingy by Linda viva today’s prompt of “Justice” by Barb

Please share your own form of “Justice” song/s with me?

Cheers 🙂


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