Classic Albums: Still Life by The Paradise Motel

So back to my fave albums of all-time again with the CA list today! Yet more lesser known Aussie bands which this one from Tassie from mid to late 90’s. After that Cloher post at the start of this month I’ve picked out some bands that didn’t make it into her list of 100 Aussie woman. I guess, I included the first in the last of these posts but was more less known or maybe more a side project to the main act in late 70’s, mid 80’s but linked here and here.


Anyway now going to the 90’s, I’ve said it before but my fave music decade which was tricky picking out just one act/artist right now but I guess it’s just for the moment and others can make the cut later on sometime. So it’s just got to be The Paradise Motel from Tasmania in the mid-90’s but they moved to Melbourne quickly then going oversea to London but that pretty much just killed them by 1999. Until they came back from the dead having reforming in 2010 and having now three new albums since then.

Back in the 90’s they did two studio albums, a couple of EPs and a remixed type release before the big break-up. Still Life album was the debut released in June 1996. The Paradise Motel are five blokes with main songwriter is Charles Bickford plus off course front woman Merida Sussex who was a librarian before becoming the singer-songwriter in The Paradise Motel.

My way of intro was Adalita of then the band Magic Dirt but now solo artist. Anyway I can’t remember where now but maybe more then once this band came up, Adalita name dropping them somewhere’s? Anyway I did seen them live back then and still got all the albums, had to get the newer ones too. I really did think they were going to be huge but not the case but they should have been a little bigger band and more well known.

Timing this post might have be pretty cool because looking them up online a couple of recording studio photos have popped on social media sites this month so they’re working on something new, here’s hoping it’s going to be released later this year? Or could be a long drawn out process? You never know with this band!

Still Life track listing and times:

1. Bad Light – 5:16
2. California – 3:09
3. Circles – 4:25
4. Calling You – 4:34
5. Dead Skin – 5:31
6. Men Who Loved Her (Gew Sadder) – 6:41
7. Historical – 4:42
8. John – 3:28
9. F Heart – 4:01
10. Stones – 6:33


So here’s all my Classic Albums posts and this post is number 98 overall and second entry of 2018. They’re all my fave albums and the basic idea is write a little about each of all my fave albums but I don’t know why really I titled/tagged them all as classic albums? BTW I’m not anywhere close to finishing this little project too, you know?

Please leave a reply about this post or any of them or all of them, if you like?

Cheers 🙂


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