Just Jot It January: Contemplation

I think I’m a day late with all these posts or day off or something but that sounds about right, white rabbit in waist coat and watch on chain in paw would be my spirit animal! Anyway “Contemplation” is the next word prompt which a great one for an artist. I don’t when was the last time I did say but I’m a painter or try to be one and get some painting done and guess why I’m including some fave paintings or painters in all these past post. Myself as a painter I spent more time contemplating my painting than painting it or is that just me?

So anyway back to my shopping list style of all-time fave stuff and today starting with a movie with fave “Contemplation” scene which leads off from what I was just saying above but it’s well-known paintings or artworks being contemplated by viewer once it’s finished and hung in art gallery. The winning film today because I can think of more than one movie which this happens in is The Limit Of Control.

Isaach de Bankolé as the character the “Lone Man” in The Limits of Control. 

 The Limits of Control from 2009 which was written and directed by Jim Jarmusch, starring Isaach de Bankolé as a lone wolf assassin while on the job in Spain where he spends a lot of his time visiting an art gallery. I guess, this could count as both my movies & paintings too! Now he visits the Reina Sofia Museum four times to see four paintings: The Violin (1916) by Juan Gris, Nude (1922) by Roberto Fernández Balbuena, Madrid desde Capitán Haya (1987-1994) by Antonio López and Gran Sábana (1968) by Antoní Tapies.

So the last people I shown this film to were saying after it’s “the most boring” and “nothing happened” which my reply was something like “wait until you seen his really early films” which then one said “no way in the world I’m every watching another one of his films!” So I guess, it’s not for everyone but I just totally love it and for me it’s his best of his more recent movies too.

Great llençol (Great Sheet) 1968, collage and painting on canvas by Antoni Tàpies

 Just above is got to be my fave of all those in that movie. Which does for me seem like a perfect and great painting for “Contemplation”, hey?

Now that’s painting and film together but songs were harder because I didn’t come with something with “Contemplation” in the title of the track so in the lyrics but I do think they’re perfect and great ones too.

Ain’t Talkin’ by Bob Dylan from his 2006 album Modern Times.

When 2 R In Love by Prince ‎from his 1988 album Lovesexy but remember I loved 1987 The Black Album version better but I can’t find it anywhere online.

Got better “Contemplation” track/s? Please let me know now?

 Again it’s thanks to Linda for JustJotJan and Cheryl at The Bag Lady/rugby843 for the “Contemplation”.

Cheers 🙂

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