Remembering: Mark E. Smith

What do you say about this? I don’t really what to say anything!

So instead when I first started this music blog, one of the very first posts was about me finally seeing The Fall live. What now is, I guess their very last Aussie tour ever! It wasn’t very popular post at the time then but you might want to look at it now, they still do hold that special record for me so it’s linked here. Then last year after much stuffing about I picked out Hex Enduction Hour album as my fave The Fall album for my CA list, linked here. Also even wrote about my all-time fave The Fall cover versions songs they covered of, guess who? Linked here too. Please visit those posts if you want more songs or writing because I don’t feel like talking much anymore today.

So here’s a just some of my fave tracks culled from a lot but I can’t include all of them here and now. So it’s from the newest to older, this list really could have gone on forever but did limit myself to these maybe a little less well known but still great ten songs below:

Venice With The Girls

No Respects Rev.

Taking Off

Cowboy George

Chicken Yiamas by Von Südenfed

This Perfect Day (The Saints cover)

Bill Is Dead 

Feeling Numb

Pay Your Rates

Really is such a small pile of songs above for someone who had 30+ studio albums from 1979 to last year’s new album called New Facts Emerge. Please check him out you’ve never listen before but if you’re a fan, will need days to play all his records!

Rest in peace Mark E. Smith!

Cheers 😥



  1. Sad day, but a long time coming, after years of drink, and whatever his preference was at that point in time. Great body of work to go through, for years and years, if you’ve got the time and patience…. and worth it, even if some records put you off of the sound, jump around a few records in the catalog, and you’re bound to hit a vein of gold. For me, “This Nation’s Saving Grace” won me over, and then I back-tracked, and kept up, for time, through the 90s. Going through the BBC collection, as I write this. Keep up the good work, William 🙂

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    1. Very sad indeed but I guess it’s not the greatest advent for drink, drugs etc. I guess kind-off like seeing couple of weeks ago what the Shane MacGowan looks like these days too!
      I’ve just put on This Nation’s Saving Grace this morning with my coffee and having listen right now!
      Thanks Michael 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome! I’m also shocked that Shane MacGowan has lasted this long, considering what he’s done to himself over the years. Who would have thought that Nick Cave would be the one to come out of that period, fit and still slinging his musical arrows?!! Have a great weekend!

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