Last year I wrote about this band and what today is a few days after the fact. Now that’s the post that when vital maybe because the message in it of the anti-Australia day celebration and it’s really Invasion day but all these dumb-ass pollies that run this bloody country who are never going to change the date which in a very not funny ironic way later in the year it comes out almost half or something of them are not even an Aussie citizens plus the mass silly media turns it into it all into just about the date!

Anyway then in late January I was saying I couldn’t find this album INSURGENCY anyway at all and read somewhere they were going a second album and was coming soon or something like that. So after thousands of people looking/reading that, the album called INSURGENCY was released later in the year which was the debut album. I guess that post written very ranty, piss-off but also to point out I live where last year that the idiot gov need to spend millions on a post survey just so two people can get married now! Maybe I shouldn’t get into politics on this blog? It is suppose to be a music blog but I guess the two mix.

The Indigenous metal band Dispossessed the band from Sydney Australia. 

So back to what I was saying the album came out last year but I never blogged it here so I might as well today, as a bit of a protest too because that’s what it’s all about! I don’t know why it’s taken this long to post but it’s here now. I totally love this style of hard-core metal, maybe with a bit of punk thrown in to make it even better. The eight tracks added up to just a little over forty min. but pure pleasure from the beginning to the end. So the stupid fireworks has just started here, if you need something to end a day like this? Put this on or just put it on anytime!

INSURGENCY track list and times:

1. Intro / Light Part I – 6:17

2. Thronebreaker – 5:42

3. Wayfarer – 2:13

4. Gaari Yaari Buunming (Sky Has Fallen) – 7:45

5. System Collapse – 4:52

6. Black Panther – 4:31

7. Tears from Gaza / Wretched of the Earth – 6:42

8. Light Part II – 3:51


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