Playlist: My Mixtapes #35

Well, it’s making it three weeks in a row now! I might as well call it my old mixtapes Monday mornings or something? Once again, if you’ve missed it before this year I’m making them all on Spotify playlist and the two previous ones are too! I know, it’s just total bat amazing crazy shit! Anyway today we are in now in mid August 2005 with the second of three I made in that one month.

Mixtape mid August 2005 tracklisting is:

  1. You Are My Sister by Antony And The Johnsons featuring Boy George
  2. Love Letter by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  3. Rated X by The White Stripes
  4. There Was A Time/Raw Ramp/Electric Boogie by T.Rex
  5. Waitin’ Around To Die by Towes Van Zandt
  6. Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands by Bob Dylan
  7. Living To Late by The Fall
  8. See That My Grave Is Keep Clean by Blind Lemon Jefferson
  9. Blind Lemon Jefferson by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  10. Love Like Anthrax by Gang Of Four
  11. I’m Bored by Iggy Pop
  12. November Spawned A Monster by Morrissey
  13. Warm Beer And Cold Woman by Tom Waits
  14. Brother My Cup Is Empty by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  15. Jeepster by T.Rex
  16. Isis by Bob Dylan *
  17. Industrial Estate by The Fall
  18. Helpless by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

* Note this is The White Stripes live cover of Dylan from a bootleg but isn’t on Spotify so here’s it on YouTube:

Some others of these tracks were live recordings but does that really matter? Cave with Bad Seeds are back with four tracks, the last one is his Neil Young cover. Loretta Lynn wrote Rated X, you know? Two songs each of T.Rex, The Fall and The White Stripes or Bob Dylan. Antony’s track was then the newest and Blind Lemon the oldest, that’s from 1920’s or something, you know?

T.Rex with two tracks so they get the featured image this week!

Do I bother to ask which song you enjoyed the most? Or not?

Cheers 🙂

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