New Music: Self-titled by Dead Cross

Belate happy 50th B’Day Mike Patton! Turning the big five-O on the weekend just gone so celebrating here on my little blog with a little write-up about his last album for 2017. Now if you’ve reading this blog before but depending on how long or whatever reason, you should know by now I’m a big fan of Mike Patton and this is his latest project, you know? Maybe you don’t know?

Released sometime last year was the self-tilted debut album by Dead Cross, yet another project or band for Mr. Patton. I don’t know what the grand total at now age 50 of all the bands, projects, albums etc. for him, maybe I should? But what I do know Dead Cross is the one I’ve enjoyed the most in recent times and would love to see an Aussie tour sometime this year but who knows about that? The new Faith No More from 2015 was a little disappointing, Nevermen album from 2016 was interesting but I rarely re-visited it in the end. Kaada/Patton project/albums I did enjoy but I think only listened to those once. Before that was a few albums by Tomahawk mainly but I could never really get into them if you want the truth which is kind-of odd because as well as Mike, the guitar player was one of my faves from the 90’s Duane Denison from The Jesus Lizard. Fantômas I dig a lot more but it’s well over ten years since the last year but I don’t know when the last time I listened to them but The Director’s Cut album was fave if you wanna know? But the split album with Melvins was pretty great. His 2010 solo album Mondo Cane was pretty great too, well I really enjoyed it but Mike singing old Italian pop songs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Off course then I loved the 90’s Mr. Bungle, Faith No More and even his solo albums then. I have wrote about both Adult Themes and King Fool albums but I need to write one more post to finish off his epic 90’s to complete my faves trilogy of his albums.

Anyway back to Dead Cross now which is, to some-up in one line the kind-of album even band I’ve wanted Patton to do forever! FNM were a bit to mainstream to get away with something like this and then he kind-of when down crazy weird rabbit hole. Something just straight up hardcore metal punk music with him sing, scream along with is so simple but it’s so great. I don’t know why I haven’t written about it before now, oh well I’m doing it now!

It’s only half an hour long with the ten tracks so it’s pretty short but it’s perfect because of it too. The guitarist is Mike Crain (Retox), bassist Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City and Retox), drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Fantômas) and formed before Patton joined with a different singer but he’s replacing the one who now gone, does that sound familiar? I’ve read Patton interview or two lately saying FNM reunion is now on the back burner, he wants Dead Cross to do more albums, recordings which I can’t to hear what happens next but they’re touring pretty heavy at the moment. Aussie tour please!


Hope you enjoy it as much as me? Who knows and loves it already? Just checked it out now?

Cheers 🙂


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