Wicked Songs: Ghost Trains by Jonnine Standish

Today for Thursday morning and first of Feb. I feel like posting up this, a nineteen minute long track. It’s really mellow, chili but I don’t know you can even call it a song really? More like a soundtrack but I really love it and been listening to it and wasn’t going to put it here on my blog but now I can’t help myself. It’s out a few days now so I’m late but like I just saying wasn’t going to but as you can see/hear, I have now. I think it said 27th Jan. so still pretty new-ish, hey?

Remind me more of the HTRK mixes but shorter, off course. Jonnine is from Aussie duo called HTRK if you don’t know her name? The HTRK mixes can be found here, if you wanna check them out? Standish did do a set of four for roadtrip to a Tassie music fest at some point too, which were great listening but I’ve forgotten where I got them from? Maybe fest website or something? Anyway HTRK is one of my all-time faves, if you haven’t caught on yet? Ghost Trains is a project for the Sydney Fest last month, link here. If your a local it was free so if you got to go along and have for a ride yourself tell me about it now, please!

Member of HTRK and co-creative director of the VR-enhanced Ghost Train, Jonnine Standish utilises episode #4 to soundtrack the experiences of thrill, mystery and energy using a series of blended sounds.

In Ghost Trains, old theme park soundtracks, carriage screeches, passenger screams, sparks, sirens and mechanical clanking meld with background audio from a series of long forgotten Instagram stories, all boosted in intensity by an underlying soundtrack of techno and experimental electronic music.

That’s cut and pasted from the soundcloud profile/website, if you want a more profession description?

I’ve just got to post everything related to HTRK here on my blog, I’ll see if I can find Tassie fest roadtrip thingy and put it up here too because I’m somewhat desperate for a new album by them. They did say somewhere a new EP was coming late last year but nothing was every released in the end and was also say a new album is in the works for 2018 but we’ll see, I guess? Change of plans, maybe? Whatever reason is, it tell us something is coming when is finally ready, I guess? Anyway here’s a link to everything I myself have tag with HTRK here on my blog, if you now want more?


Who enjoyed that as much as me now? Want to say anything about it?

Cheers 🙂

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