Wicked Songs: 3 HTRK Remixes for Other Artists

So after only a couple of days ago posting Jonnine’s new work, here’s three older remixes by HTRK themselves. Now I might have missed something but I guess I’ll say now these are my top three! The discogs website only list two so I’ve got one more than them. Maybe can work myself up into a frenzy waiting for a new album by them, posting everything I can think of? I have done a few posts about them in the past as well, you know? So Saturday morning remixes by them for other artists, all three below are Aussie acts actually.

New WarGhostwalking ‘Wild Body’ Live Dub by HTRK 

(Track 3) first up is the last track above but included all three from this 12″ vinyl single which the original opening track plus bonus extra lucky the middle one is yet another remix by UK act Gossip too. The Melbourne rock band called New War, who are also releasing a new album this year too which is their record number two sometime soon. BTW you can download all these for free from bandcamp, you know? This was put out in 2011.

Standish/CarlyonNono/Yoyo (HTRK Love 2.0 Remix)

Next is a remix of the lead single by the former two members of Melbourne’s Devastations and then new project simply calling themselves Standish/Carlyon, last name of each. I might just have to write something more about that whole album at a later date, you know? Have I said that before? It was released in 2013. If you’ve not heard the original, well here it is.

BTW you might have notices or not? But I’m going to tell you anyway now, Jonninie Stardish of HTRK is married to Conrad Stardish of this act. I’ll let you know if you know nothing about HTRK but for some reason looking at this post, their debut was called Marry Me Tonight. Tom Carlyon is part of new-ish act called Time For Dream, who’s debut album won my album of 2017.

Ben FrostVenter (HTRK Remix)

Ben’s maybe the biggest name here in this post, Aussie who now lives in Iceland and releases his work on UK indie label Mute records etc. Do I really need to say more about him? This one was released in 2014.

Nigel Yang and Jonnine Stardish (l-r) in black with some friends, would be the most silly HTRK photo op but it’s bloody great!

I don’t know why I’ve not done this before but at least it done now. Hope whoever looking here, have enjoying my brief history of HTRK in remixes today? I’ll see want else I can dig up for another post about them soon.

Cheers 🙂

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