Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Phone Calls/Calling

And the letters that you wrote me, oh
I wish I was
I wish I was at home
I’m home
It was alone
I just couldn’t hear the phone
Quit making the foam

My eye muscle is bright
In the light
Of Dis-

Why don’t you leave it alone?
Why just can’t you quit that iPhone?
Why don’t you just quit iPhone?
Just quit your phone, iPhone!

Everywhere, oh
I don’t want to look in people’s home
I look at front
Look at back
Here I stand, Here I stand

Why don’t you tell them ’bout styrofoam
Why don’t you tell ’bout iPhone

Just quit using your phone
Just quit i-iPhone app

Eye muscle is bright
The lights of dis-enfranchencide
Of dis-enfranchencide
Why don’t you leave it alone?
Shout about the back gate and styrofoam

Just leave it far alone!
Stop looking at iPhone!
Stop looking at iPad phone!
All right!
All right!

Don’t you see you missed out
Walking away
And shouting about
Your bets
Just can’t quit iPhone
Just don’t quit iPhone
Give it just conphone
Really just conphone
Pad, why?
Look at people’s home
And look at handstand
Don’t you see you give me sta-sa-za,
Just give iPhone
Why don’t you give them styrofoam?
Ooo, they all know about typewrite, and bomb
In God’s home

Just quit the WhyPhone
Just quit with phone
Gimme shoes, hey,
Just quit walking the phone,

Every just keep licking foam, alone

My eye muscle is bright as I stare into the morn
And I see the citadel of media city shining bright

Quit iPhone by The Fall, lyrics by Mark E. Smith and music by Smith, Dave Spurr and Keiron Melling. Quit iPhone was track number 11 and the final song on the 2015 album called Sub-Lingual Tablet. Hopefully the far top video starts at the right point but it’s the whole album linked/embedded, I did tell it to begin at the last song, does it work? Plus just above live version of the track too! Funny it was most likely filmed with a iPhone and or smartphone of some kind.

Sub-Lingual Tablet is in all truth is most likely my most fave The Fall album or at least the now most listened too. I did wrote about the 80’s album called Hex Enduction Hour last year sometime in my “Classic Albums” list but it was in 2015 when I finally got to see Mark E. Smith and The Fall over three nights in a-row shows and Sub-Lingual Tablet was then the new album playing parts of it in full over those 3 nights plus other classic The Fall songs too. Amazing to think that how bloody powerful and amazing that Smith and that band was then, where in just two/three years time since then they would only release one more new album and then Smith passing away just last month.

I did read somewhere Mark E. Smith’s wake after his funnel turned into a full-on brawl and even the police had to be called to stop it. Which Mark himself would have totally loved that, I guess? Maybe it was him throwing the first bottle too?

The Fall 2015 line-up, which was three of the greatest gigs I’ve been too!

SLS theme was phone calls/calling this weekend which I think Quit iPhone is totally perfect for that! Hope you enjoyed it?

Cheers 🙂


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