Wicked Songs: Take Five by Dave Brubeck

Surprise, surprise I’m watching Twin Peaks: The Return yet again! Today’s song for Thursday, yeah it’s only one track not 30 or 50 like earlier this week. Well, it’s from that TV show but not on the soundtrack so is now on my blog because of that simple reason.

I love this scene, i love Dougie, i love Janey-E but some didn’t seem to like all that, some even were even saying who the hell are them? This b’fast is pure Lynch at his finest and I don’t know how you couldn’t not dig it but I guess the whole thing is not for everyone. So Janey-E is cooking pancakes and don’t really see what Dougie is up to with his son, Sonny Jim is more of a Dad than his own Dad here. Then Janey-E gives Dougie his first ever coffee! It’s totally like old silent movies slap-slick or something?

So the song itself is 1950’s jazz classic, you know? I didn’t. Written in 1959, in the key of E♭ minor, it’s played in five four too and not the normal four four. Now I don’t know nothing about playing music myself, as a teenage my idea of playing music was a lot of total noise which was not the done thing in my small town country Aussie high school, off course years later I found it was a thing. Anyway the Take Five song has became a bit of a fave around here and is getting played heaps so I’m posting it!

Kyle MacLachlan as Douglas “Dougie” Jones, note what is just behind him too!

Hope you dig it?

Cheers 🙂



  1. One of the thrills of my life was being front row for the great man and his ensemble, oh, close to 20 years ago. I was with my jazz freak Dad and a friend and it was one of the great music nights in (my!) living memory. A truly innovative, inspiring performer and not just for pianists. Cool! Hot! Brilliant!

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