Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Earth

Listen to me if you wanna know
If you wanna change yourself
I know the place to go
We got a ceremony, I’m gonna paint your face
Just follow me, just walk this way
Stompin ground, stompin ground
Stompin ground, stompin ground

Stompin Ground, all the people all around
Stompin ground, gettin ready, gettin down
Stompin ground, you’ll find out
Stompin ground

No more worry, no more doubt
You’ll find out at the stompin ground

I was here before, I’ll be here again
I tell you why I’m the king for this place
We got a ceremony, I’m gonna paint your face
So got fit you’re gonna be healed
Stompin ground, stompin ground

Stompin ground all the people all around
Stompin ground gettin ready gettin down
Stompin ground you’ll find out
Stompin ground

No more worries, no more doubt
You’ll find out at the Stompin Ground

Stompin Ground, you’ll be singing,
Stompin Ground, you’ll be dancing
Stompin Ground, you’ll be healed
Stompin Ground, you’ll be born again

Stompin Ground was written by the Warumpi Band, who were Sammy Butcher, Gordon Butcher, Neil Murray and George Rrurrambu. From the third record in 1996 and what would be their final album called Too Much Humbug.

Yet another Aussie band I’m featuring for SLS with this week theme of “Earth” got me thinking about this song. Warumpi Band was three indigenous Aussies and one white Aussie formed in centrally Australia in outback settlement of Papunya, Northern Territory in 1980. George Rrurrambu, the singer here seems to be singing about the indigenous tribal ceremony of being contend to the earth by dancing, singing, face painting etc. Indigenous Australians do believe to be totally at one with natural like say, just one thing was your feet touching the ground, the earth and when all the whites arrived here and then did taken over etc. I could go on and on but say something as simple as putting something on your feet your dis-connected to the ground by wearing them. Your removed or removing yourself from the earth by just putting shoes on your feet. I’m most likely summing it up a little wrong but hopefully you kind-of understand what I’m saying, about their believes or maybe not?

 I’m only a first generation white Aussie trying to write about this. Neil Murray, the white bloke in this band who was before going to the outback was just a Melbourne school teacher who played guitar. Murrary did say the song was inspired by the “Stompem Ground” festival in Broome, where they’re contemporary and traditional music, dance, art exhibitions and ancestral storytelling festival in Broome, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Stompend is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned, designed and managed arts and cultural festival which it includes: music development workshops, battle of the bands, country music night, dance forums & traditional dance presentations and even book launches. That last bit cut and paste from Wikipedia, thanks guys!

 The singer-songwriter George Rrurrambu passed away in 2000 with cancer, ending the band but I was lucky to see them on one of the last tours. The Big Out Day fest 1999, he did even played, jammed with his didgeridoo with Brazilian-American metal band Soulfly on a couple of songs too. I did wrote something about their debut album maybe a couple of years ago now, where is that now! Here it is linked, if you need or want more about them?

Sammy Butcher, Gordon Butcher (both on the right), Neil Murray (left) and George Rrurrambu (centre-sitting) were the Warumpi Band!

Hope you all did enjoy that track?

Cheers 🙂


  1. I LOVE your choice this week. I was grooving big time! I also love the idea of being connected to the earth by walking barefoot. I’ve never been a huge fan of shoes, but I’ve sort of embraced them as I’ve gotten older. I was always barefoot when I was a kid and it sort of lends itself well to that connection. Great ideas here. Thanks for playing along!

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