Live Gigs: Tropical F*** Storm + FingerFingerrr + The Trees & The Wild @ PIAF Festival Gardens

Aussie’s Tropical Fuck Storm (TFS) – You Let My Tyres Down

Brazil’s FingerFingerrr – Rollz Royce

Indonesia’s The Trees & The Wild – Zaman, Zaman

That don’t called it the Perth International Arts Fest (PIAF) for nothing! Last year my big highlight was a Melbourne band supporting a South Korea band and now this year, so far has to be this is the epic line-up for me and just got write something down in my blog on Saturday, the night after the show!

Kicking it off early on a Friday night around eight o’clock was The Trees & The Wild from Indonesia. PIAF website compared them to American post-rockers Explosions in the Sky but I don’t if they’re the first to do so, I guess you got to name a band people might know when selling your gig. I’ve never heard of The Trees & The Wild but they were bloody great. Asian bands and music does have a very long history of experimental rock, noise rock and post-rock, say the South Korean act Jambanai who played here last year would easy go in that style and then just to name a couple of my faves both Japanese are Boris, Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Anyway I’m getting side tracked these four guys and one young lady that one track is above but click on the soundcloud link and you’ll find more and so happy I turned up very early to check them out. You too should check them and have a listen now!

Yet another I’ve not heard of is Fingerfingerrr from Brazil are just two blokes but they make some damn beautiful sounds together! Did try more than once to teach the Portuguese language to all the dumb ass Aussies and I can’t say we did a very good job at it. It’s a pity the venue was only half full at this point, almost everyone was drinking in the beer garden on the other side of the empty seats. It’s disappointing such a wicked cool band is playing and everyone is just drinking piss. It was still very early I guess but come on Perffffff! Does that happen everywhere and not just Perth? It never happens where I’m in Melbourne, it’s the other way around the beer garden empty’s into the band room once they start to play. Sydneysiders seem half dead when band/artist is playing from the times I’ve visited. That’s more of a review of Aussie crowds and not about this band so I’m getting side tracked again. But Fingerfingerrr were fuckin’ awesome and you should check them out too!

Next was the band I know and was here for. Someone shout out “G’day from W.A.” in the Tropical Fuck Storm headlining set which has happened before at a The Drones show a while back, this time Gaz laughed said “That’s funny how tourist ad from selling Perth and Western Australia was aimed at the locals, not the tourist themselves in 80’s/90’s but saying basically don’t be a cunt to visitors.” Another great quotes  from him last night was “Here’s a song called Soft Power, it’s about how you shouldn’t put your heads up Americas ass too far but they should give everyone a gun and let them shoot each other… that’s a joke really but that’s what someone is saying to do.”

Opening with the one and only cover of the night Lost Animal’s Lose The Baby then straight into Chameleon Paint. Playing a few brand new songs which I don’t know what any were called? If he did say I’ve forget right now but were great. So even more can’t wait for the new album in May. Off course Soft Power and everyone did sing along with the main words to You Let My Tyres Down plus then two The Drones tracks or do you call them covers? Taman Shud and Baby Squared or Baby² ending the wicked epic night’s bands. Would or could you just say TFS are the Female Drones, Gaz has already pointed out he’s always played with dudes other than the forever bass player and real life partner but don’t say wife plus she is the music manger of the business side of things: Fiona Kitschin. Maybe when The Drones do make the comeback in a few years time they should be called Male Drones or the album could be called that! God knows when that’s going to be happening because after last night this seems so fresh and new I would love to see what this line-up would do for two or even three albums straight without taking a break and going back to the old line-up of the dudes: The Drones. Bring on even more and more Tropical Fuck Storm please! I’m lucky to see their very next gig, next month which is not in Perth and now I really can’t wait until then!

Here’s a couple of live YouTube clips to watch now:

Baby² by TFS

 Chameleon Paint by TFS

TFS (left main), Fingerfingerrr (top right) and The Trees & The Wild. That’s what all the acts look like but were on stage plus I just don’t take photos on my phone at gigs!



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