Playlist: Where I Was In… 1974?

Well, I still wasn’t a living being then but once again great bloody music! I only just posted 1984’s playlist yesterday but the 30 tracks is already 45, you know? Now here’s my playlist for 74 or at least a starting point because I’m adding more and more tracks to all these playlists!

Only four Aussie’s songs to kick it off this year but all are very different to each other as four styles of music going on around here. Renee sings a James Brown cover but she made her own, The Dingos sings about going and working in mining towns as folk rock, Matchbox Whoopee Band was just a stupid silly band and Skyhooks are kind-of singing about the feature image’s film today in pop-rock song. Then for that matter it’s a pretty mix bag for the rest of the world, do I need to say anymore?

My (Edit 5/12/19) now updated 40 tracks I’ve picked out for the year 1974 are these:

  • The Dingoes – Way Out West
  • The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band – Wangaratta Wahine
  • Skyhooks – Horror Movie
  • Renee Geyer – It’s A Man’s Man’s World
  • Stevie Wright – Hard Road
  • The Saints – Wild About You
  • The Residents – Boots
  • Harmonia – Dino
  • Queen – Stone Cold Crazy
  • Ohio Players – Fire
  • Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle
  • Dolly Parton – Jolene
  • Lou Reed – Billy
  • Leonard Cohen – Field Commander Cohen
  • Van Morrison – Fair Play
  • Terry Jacks – Seasons In The Sun
  • Barry White – Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
  • Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
  • Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
  • Bob Dylan – Forever Young
  • Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
  • King Crimson – Red
  • Judas Priest – Rocka Rolla
  • Brian Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets
  • Funkadelic – Alice In My Fantasies
  • Patti Smith – Piss Factory
  • Miles Davis – Rated X
  • Aerosmith – Lord Of The Thighs
  • Robert Wyatt – Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
  • Randy Newman – Rednecks
  • Kraftwerk- Autobahn
  • Carl Dougas – Kung Fu Fighting
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Natty Dread
  • Budgie – Crash Course In Brain Surgery
  • Neil Young – See The Sky About To Rain
  • Tom Waits – Diamonds On My Windshield
  • Betty Davis – They Say I’m Different
  • Etta James – Let’s Burn Down The Cornfield
  • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band – Alikulila
  • David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
Marilyn Burns in bloody Texas Chain Saw Massacre and if I remember right she was the only one to survivor this horror film!

Cheers 🙂


  1. William ….. I was there in 1974 and just starting to hang around the guys of Radio Birdman and maybe taking a different musical direction. In 1975 the direction would change course again when I found myself in occasional cohabitation with The Reels (although not known by that name back then). Anyway …. I have little to say about your International selections but I do offer comment over the Oz ones. Sunbury 1974 featured Billy Thorpe (of course), as well as Daddy Cool and Skyhooks (though pre Shirl … and I think they were booed off stage). Skyhooks (with Shirl) would play the very first track in the opening moment of 1975 with ‘you only like me ‘cause I’m good in bed’ and I think, by then Daddy Cool were gone and Ross Wilson was the Skyhooks producer. I could be wrong. Mighty Kong (another Ross Wilson/ Ross Hannaford combo) were also gone by then, but I find it sad that any listing of those days does not honour Ross Wilson in some way. Likewise Mike Rudd who, I think by then, was playing with Ariel and ‘Rock and Roll Scars’ May have been produced about then.
    I’m rambling.
    I think the 70’s in general copped a bit of flack because it wasn’t the 60’s. But it was a great time. Certainly here in Oz, anyway.

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    1. WOW!!!
      I’ve got to say to start with!
      I wasn’t there and I’m just looking at recording and albums dates, you know?
      So Radio Birdman seem to not recorded anything 1976 and I can’t wait to punk to really kick in to tell truth. The Reels didn’t seem to put out the first single until 1979 but off course I’m not saying they weren’t playing shows and gigs etc.
      Billy Thorpe is in my 1972 list, i think already and Daddy Cool was in my 1971 playlist which I’ve already posted a week or so ago and love the see what you have say about that list?
      I don’t dig Skyhooks that much and I picked Horror Movie song because it fits the image of the film I’ve picked. Also that’s why I had to find some other Aussie acts to put before them too. Horror movie was track on the debut album released in October 1974, a couple of books tell me so double checking, it’s pretty close to 75.
      I have to see if I can find any Mighty Kong! I wasn’t going to go as far back as the 60’s but maybe should? I would love to know what you think about my International selections too? Go for it!


      1. I obviously need to do more regular reading of your blog William – but it’s hard to keep up. Birdman probably started doing mad gigs around Sydney in 1975. You’re right about the Reels. I don’t think they existed back then but rather as Brucelanders and the only recording I can remember was a concert in one of the jails (maybe Long Bay) but I asked Dave about it only recently and he has no idea if the recording still exists.

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      2. The International entries? Well I must say that you are very broad and you have some good stuff in there …. The Residents, Cohen, Neil Young and I salute you for taking such an inclusive approach. BUT ….. ‘Kung fu fighting’ …. really? If I never hear that crap again it will be way too soon. On the other hand you have listed a few that I would most certainly have dismissed back then but now acknowledge as worthy. Jolene, for example. The truth is that in those days I was a bit of a headbanger (I was a band member of ‘Mid Atlantic Truck Farming’ in 1974 ….. you’ll NEVER find any record of them – with good reason) and tended to treat anything that didn’t sound a bit like Deep Purple with suspicion.

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      3. Ha-ha, yeah I was wondering if anyone would ask about the Kung Fu Fighting song but I did love it as a little kid but years later basically because I loved anything with Bruce Lee in it and any other martial arts movies etc. so I just put it at the end just for the hell of it!
        Jolene was covered a few years back by The White Stripes, so that’s how I know that one if you wanna know?
        I did included Judas Priest, Budgie and Queen for headbanging but no Deep Purple, sorry about that but most likely will be in another year because they were around forever!
        Cheers again 🙂


      1. When 2JJ started in 1975 the very first sound that emerged from that frequency was “You only like me ‘cause I’m good in bed” ….. but, like you, I thought Skyhooks were a bit lightweight.

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