So, What Do You Want To Know? Got An Email From Nick Cave!



I’ve been feeling for a while that I’d like to talk to people about things. I’m not sure what to do with that. I’ve sort of had this idea of doing some kind of interview but I’m not sure that a regular press interview is the appropriate place to talk about certain things. Maybe some sort of dialogue beyond that might be valuable, where I can talk directly to people, in a more personal way. There seems to be some sort of understanding that now exists with our audience. The idea of an open dialogue with them seems a worthwhile thing to explore. Perhaps we might try and set up a series of events that are dialogues or conversations or something. Let things flow a little. I don’t know. I’m thinking maybe to take it on the road? What do you think?


A new photo of Cave came with the email with flower in his face too!

To start with my name is William but everyone does seem to calls me Bill. I do prefer William. Anyway thank you for your email, one more time with feeling: thank you very much for your email! I’m going to blog about this email now because it’s no reply and it’s not everyday you sent out an email.

I’ve got this because as it says “You are receiving this email because you opted in to receive the Nick Cave newsletter.” Now I’m having a guess the “Rachel” might be Rachel Willis, who you say thanks to on almost all your album credits, she’s something to do with management or something?

Nick send this email a couple days ago and now others are blogging and music site are reporting it now so I had a look at my emails too and there it is! Under the title: “So, What Do You Want To Know?”

I’ll interview you any day of the week, I have about a thousand questions which I should start to write down! I’ve met you once before when I was a teenage in the 90’s, one of my first 18+ shows in Freo in the 90’s. That’s Fremantle, Western Australia you know? Where Marty, your bass player lives? I forgotten my own name then too, when you asked me for it because I asked you to sign your lyric book, your very first one called King InkI don’t think I’ve blogged about meeting you before, I was a bit dumbfounded I could just turn up to the venue and met you when you walked out the front door after the soundcheck but I did what to see that but the guy on the door wouldn’t let me in but he did give me his pen because I was reading your book and didn’t think I’ll be getting it sign or anything! Then you and everyone, Blixa and Mick was still in The Bad Seeds, the band then and Warren wasn’t and plus I did met Dave Graney too, who was the support band then too!

Anyway thanks again from the email, you most likely wouldn’t see this blog post but it was fun writing about it all and as you would. Here’s the song that opened my very first Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds show, which I’ve not missed any since then. I still remember Marty’s bass riff opening the gig but this promo video don’t have that for some reason! I’ve got to have a song on this blog post because it’s a music blog, you know?

Cheers 🙂



  1. My dearest Nick, I hope to attend Conversations Q@A in Adelaide, SA on the 22nd January. I have found so much solace from you during my dark times. I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer 4 years ago. Had treatment, was doing ok, until 5 months ago, when a routine MRI picked up metastatic breast cancer. Since then, have had high risk surgery, 6 weeks of radiotherapy (zapped to your music). I will need to start chemo in 2 weeks time. I have one request that would be beyond words, and that is the request of a healing hug from you. This would mean the world to me and give me strength to help me fight the fight. Love the way you have helped me in so many ways. Love you NC xxxxxxxx Your #1 fan Silvana

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    1. Hey, I’m NOT nick but i hope you get your heading hug! 🙂 I’m seeing him in Perth WA the following date on his tour so maybe i should ask him if you got your hug in Adelaide? Good luck Silvana with everything and here’s hoping you beat it!


      1. Thank you so so much for your beautiful and kind wishes. I so hope I do get that healing hug. All the very best to you, your message has given me an amazing lift in spirit 🙂

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