Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Numbers

O what a mess you’re getting me in,
You should stop having so many children,
You breed like a white wedding christan
Who never heard the word that greed was a sin.

And when you talk it’s the operator
If you listen it’s the interrogator,
Nothing adding up but read like a calculator,
You have a gift for blunders,
Painter by number.

The future for you and me is bleak
as long as you keep on keeping on with
painting by numbers, I know it’s chic,
But by no means the finger techinique.

So many shared thoughts and ideas, so many feelings and fear,
Welling up till your cheeks are wet with tear,
While the Leviathan slumbers,
Painter by numbers.

O what a mess you’re getting me in,
You Should stop having so many chrilden,
You mate like a matyalered Muslim
Already on to his 99th vigin.

So many shared masterpieces,
but they all share the very same feautures,
Him begot her begot he begot she,
Are you as stunned as me?
So mary shared thoughts and ideas, so many feeling and fears,
Welling up till your cheeks are wet with tear,
While the Leviathan lumbers,
Painter by numbers.

Glenn Richards recording his solo album Glimjack in a frenzy cold warehouse in Melbourne with a sleepy cat on the couch!

Painter By Numbers by Glenn Richard was the fifth song on his debut solo album in 2010 called Glimjack. Yet another great Aussie singer-songwriter today with this weekends’ Song Lyric Sunday Theme of “Numbers”, I think you are suppose to go with numbers actually but doing it like this! Once again it’s the first song to pop into my head after reading Helen’s post, maybe I thinking about this bloke because his band has just released a brand new album this week just gone and I’m listening to that a lot. Anyway I couldn’t find the lyrics so I really wanted to use this track so I’ve typed all of it out myself, with my Sunday morning coffee, thanks to the little booklet that comes with the album!

Glenn Richard is the singer-songwriter for Aussie group called Augie March who have just released their sixth album called Bootkins here is the linked website, if you wanna check it out? But back in 2010 he gave them, the band Augie March a break and recorded his then new songs with some other musos. His brother Chris Richards on guitar and then Ben Bourke  on bass, Mike Noga on drums, Dan Luscombe on guitar, keys etc. all on backing vox. The last two were members of The Drones who I’ve banged on about here and if you following my picks on SLS you’ll notices frontman of The Drones was here just last weekend. So it’s two 2010 Aussie artists’ songs in a row!

BTW I will be unable to post next weekend because I’m away in the middle of nowhere but having a party in a tent at a music fest! I’ll most likely will write all about it when I do get back but NO SLS then. Missing it for the first time this year, sorry to anyone who cares?

Cheers 🙂

Edit: Here’s another song Long Pigs, from the same album which hopefully works?



  1. I wasn’t able to play the video, but I did read the lyrics. Relationships are hard, aren’t they? Also, I went with the word as well, so no worries. I like different interpretations of the themes. It keeps things interesting.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. OK, I’ve just added soundcloud so hope that works now? But some say it’s diff overseas so maybe I should look him up on spotify?
      But can’t be stuffed, maybe it’s only in Australia or something? I’ll add the official video at the end of the post but it’s a totally diff song but same album! I’m not typing out all the lyrics to that one, sorry!
      You have a wonderful weekend tooooo! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for posting the second song as it plays for me (USA). I like his voice. The first one for some reason they don’t allow to play in the USA according to youtube. Makes me wonder which songs are allowed to play where and why not. I hadn’t realized you-tube checked the country like that.

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    1. That makes two of us, didn’t know it at all! Glenn and Augie March are great and the new album is total wicked, got to write about it sooner or later! Maybe, that would be easier for you to check out because it’s brand new? Cheers 🙂

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  3. Sorry, I couldn’t hear the first song, but I did like the second one. It was very smooth sounding. Have you ever done a write up on Kasey Chambers? She’s a favorite of ours. Have fun on your music festival trip! 🙂

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