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So NME magazine final issue was on the 9th of March 2018, last week. That’s the old print issues for all the young kids who have never seen a newspaper before! It’s a kind-of total random post today and seeing if I can find the covers of the NME I did buy, amazingly it did get to Australia but maybe a week or so late. I’ve haven’t got one for years but in the 90’s I did buy a few but far for every week, fuck that! I did do an American mag post last year for some reason I forgot so here’s a post about an English one now!

I’m going to included a youtube clip per cover/newspaper just to make it a little bit more interesting for me and for you too, hopefully?


To me and maybe a lot of peeps out there this is the classic NME newpaper/magazine cover of all-time! Jarvis Cocker from Pulp taking on pop king for the boxing heavyweight champion, oh no it wasn’t! Jarvis just shacked his butt while stage invading Jacko’s shit song at the Brit award show that’s all but off course that blow-up thanks to the media including NME. But wins my NME cover of all-time hands down! It was on 2nd of March 1996, well that’s the date on top right!

Pulp didn’t release an album that year but did have on song on the Trainspotting soundtrack so it’s Mile End, clue dancing like an idiot!

Unlike like the Yanks mag, NME don’t have some kind-of collection of covers so it’s making it all very hard so these are ones I can find today, OK? I could call this my top ten NME covers? So in total random order but starting with Mr. Cave, off course.


2nd of April 1994, a week or something off my B’day so most likely I’d got around that day too by the time it got here. I think this was my first Nick Cave NME mag cover, well got to be! Cave in Brazil, I did post about my first Bad Seeds show just the other day but here he is again!

I think his Thirsty Dog song is perfect for this one, clue dancing like an idiot!


27 Jan. 1996 was Nick solo NME cover for the Murder Ballads album, did get the free tape but was it this one that had the very, very, very long version of O’Malley’s Bar or was it another one? I don’t know which it came with but it’s like three parts of that song recorded for the BBC radio but on a NME tape at some point!

But I want to listen to The Kindness Of Strangers today, how about you?


Another classic NME cover, I think it just missed out on winning my fave of all-time by a whisker! 7th Oct. 1995 was the date, before the one above so I’m totally out of order. Oh well, what can I do? The lead single was released in late 95 and got a NME cover too, the media when nuts for this and two of the greatest career moves ever in just one song! The mainstream met the alternative in one epic track plus off course NME cover.

Well, it’s got to be Where The Wild Roses Grow by Kylie Minogue with Nick & his Bad Seeds!


Nick didn’t as far as I remember did not get another cover in the 90’s for NME so this one in 8th March 97 is around the time of his The Boatman’s Call album but it’s U2 off their trolleys cover. From their Pop album, Popmart tour which did enjoy but wasn’t as great as Zoo TV tour and those two earlier 90’s albums but I would say now it’s the very last time I totally love them but everyone else seem to hate it, late 90’s U2 and then loved the big comeback in 2000’s which I didn’t dig.

The Mofo remix song was insane, clue dancing like an idiot!


This is the Oasis NME cover I got, I did lose interested in them pretty quick really but in the early days they were a great rock n’ roll band. 4th June 1994 so say the date on top left corner. I did love almost all the britpop bands, albums, songs and the whole pick a team seemed silly but I think I loved Pulp the best really, if you wanna know?

Live Forever is still totally cool, most likely my fave song by them, clue dancing like an idiot!


This sad one arrived a little bit after my B’day too, what do you say about it now? The only NME Kurt cover I did get too. I did get him and The Breeders’ Kim Deal Xmas issue but that was Melody Maker newspaper/mag. 16th April 1994, how old was I then again?

I think it’s got to be Nirvana’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night today, OK?


Talking about Kim Deal and The Breeders here’s them on the NME front cover back in 7th Aug. 1993 which would have been just a few months before they toured here on the Big Day Out fest line-up. Which I should really write something about that, hey?

I really wanna listen too Do You Love Me Now? today, do you?


Tricky on 1st April 1995 NME cover would have another around my B’day but the following year. I loved him and her, Martina Topley-Bird back then. One crazy front cover with Adrian Thaws dressed up as the devil, he was pretty mad too and would been him going solo after singing with Massive Attack.

I guess, it’s got to be Hell Is Round the Corner song/video with that front cover.


28th Jan. 1995 was PJ Harvey NME front cover, like say Nick Cave for me an artist of 90’s I remember them only having the cover a few times. I don’t know the final score for her or even him, maybe an English reader of my blog can tell me? Please, pretty please? I’ll love to know but I didn’t follow this mag much after the 90’s. But free tape again!

Would have been her To Bring You My Love album so here’s track two, Meet Ze Monsta. Clue dancing like an idiot!

So that’s ten covers and songs to go with them but this is a total pain in the ass. Maybe I will do the full list because I’m missing some here in this post but when NME do a database of front covers this might be easier or something? Or does someone know of a websites that’s done it already? It’s now 9:50AM here so that’s too long stuffing about doing this anyway! So long the print edition of NME magazine/newpaper, thank you for all the reading back then!

Cheers 🙂


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