Playlist: Where I Was In… 1975?

I was still unborn then or non-living yet! But back to yearly playlists and my 30 fave songs are here now for you and your this Friday morning listening or anytime after, if you like?

The five opening tracks, do I need to say? They’re the Aussie ones. Yeah, Olivia Newton-John kicks it all off too, that’s her folk-pop before her disco etc. Why not give it a go and you might like it? like I do in an odd way!

Then I’ve got just about everything happening at that point, mid-seventy. Some do say before punk it was pretty bad but I think it was just as creative if you look around and find it. This is the kind-of disco I like/love too, you know? Once I got told it’s un-Australian not to like/love ABBA and even with all the Aussie 90’s movies soundtrack by them I still couldn’t do it, sorry to say that to any fans. It’s funny I find, it’s a band from somewhere else is the most Aussie in the 70’s. But just give me Donna Summer or Grace Jones disco please!

I’ve got some very, very, very, very long songs here in this playlist so maybe it was a little overblown but they’re all great in my mind. Yeah, even Reed’s MMM and just to prove my point I’ve picked longest of all four tracks to include. I guess, you can skip it but why not just have a listen? I don’t how long it all does take too listen to this whole playlist today? YouTube only has times on each track but no total time so will keep you in music for a while, if you do press play?

Here’s what should be there (Edit 29/9/20) now updated 42 tracks:

  • AC/DC – High Voltage
  • Stevie Wright – Black Eyed Bruiser
  • Buffalo – Essukay
  • Renee Geyer – Heading In The Right Direction
  • Richard Clapton – Girls On The Avenue
  • Olivia Newton-John – Have You Never Been Mellow
  • Dragon – Vermillion Cellars
  • Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music (Part 3)
  • Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby
  • Fela Kuti – Expensive Shit
  • Patti Smith – Birdland
  • Ohio Players – Fopp
  • Van McCoy – The Hustle
  • Billy Preston – Do It While You Can
  • Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
  • Tangerine Dream – Rubycon (Part 1)
  • Klaus Schulze – Bayreuth Return
  • Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey
  • Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart – Muffin Man
  • Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road
  • Judy Collins – Send In The Clowns
  • Tom Waits – Big Joe & Phantom 309
  • Emmylou Harris – Satan’s Crown Jewel
  • The Band – Long Distance Operator
  • Loretta Lynn – The Pill
  • David Bowie – Young Americans
  • Robert Palmer – Pressure Drop
  • Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar
  • Neu! – Isi
  • Pere Ubu – 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  • The Dictators – I Got You Babe
  • Hawkwind – Motorhead
  • Kool & The Gang – Jungle Jazz
  • Hot Chocolate- You Sexy Thing
  • Roxy Music – Love Is the Drug
  • Joni Mitchell – Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow
  • Neil Young – Cortez The Killer
  • 10cc – I’m Not In Love
  • Parliament – Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication (The Bumps Bump)
  • Dr. Feelgood – She Does It Right
  • Led Zeppelin – Sick Again
  • Bob Dylan – Idiot Wind
What else is it going to be? The Aussie classic Picnic At Hanging Rock with Anne Louise Lambert!

Cheers 🙂


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