New Music: Bootkins by Augie March

OK, the next two posts are my couple brand new albums I’ve got this year from two well known Aussie acts but I’ve got some other album since these, It’s just I take a very longtime to write something about them! We’ll see what I can write because this isn’t very well planned at all, winging it here. Sorry to the band I should taken more time in to write about it but new stuff is always more tricky to write about, I find. If these new albums posts have not just turned into already here’s some new stuff I’ve got and that’s it, well they might be now. I don’t like saying bad things about bands, artists and plus I’ve been following these guys for years and years too!

But to get it out of the way to start with, all Augie March albums have been very same-ish or same-y if you know what I mean? On my very first listens, last month or two ago I couldn’t tell the different but because after a couple of months listening what rises above is, off course because it happens with every Augie March record since the debut is Glenn’s new words and then the perfect music match-up. So I’m here telling you nothing new if your an fan reading this write up? If your new to the band maybe you might get it and listen to the older stuff in the same way? I don’t know?

At the sixth, I think it’s the album number six they’re a well oiled machine now! Glenn’s lyrics writing are pure amazing listening. Now like Holly Throsby did write her debut novel last year I would love him to see him write a novel next but that’s something I’ve been saying for years. Nothing new again here because Richards could be Australia’s most novel-ish male songwriter, well since late-90’s. He’s so wordy if you don’t listen very closely you’ll miss everything, not background music really!

I guess, I should say if you don’t know? Tony Cohen finally worked with the band on this album. Cohen is a legend Aussie producer type who retired in the early 2000’s but wanted to work with them and this band wanted him too, they asked again? Got want they wish for but it was to be Tony’s final days on earth and the album is now dedicated to him too!

It’s been three or four year since the last album so it’s great to have a new one now. My copy was a pre-order from the band’s website linked here, off course. It was signed by all five of them which I don’t they said that it was or did they? Here are the video promo video clips, so far:

Bootikins tracklisting:

1. Fake Jive
2. Mephistopheles Perverted
3. The Third Drink
4. The Long Wait and See
5. The Heaviest Stone
6. Bootikins
7. When I Am Old
8. Tomis
9. I Woke Up in Borgolombardo
10. I Hurtle Back to a Conservative Locker
11. Bitter Clingerzz


So that’s not the greatest record review or whatever but I just totally love this album, have been enjoying it so much. They’re playing like three show or something at Mojo’s bar down in Freo in a month or something. I’ll be going, I think it with be the first time playing that place since the very early days of the band, maybe?

Cheers 🙂



  1. The last time I’d seen these guys was a couple days after the insane epic Sun Kil Moon gig which was like over three hours long but AM played a more normal length set with support band show and everything but it seem short!
    I did called them non-reviews at one point but do you think i should keep doing the new music albums posts because I was kind-off thinking maybe not, i don’t know? We’ll see, i guess!
    Cheers Sima 🙂

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