Shall Be Released: A Laughing Death In Meatspace by Tropical F Storm (Cover Artwork)

So my obsession with this band continues with one whole blog post just about the album cover artwork!

So that’s front and back cover below:



If that’s not the most insane great album cover artwork, I don’t know what is? So the countdown to release date is really on now, that’s 4th May if you don’t know? Still no word on how many tracks or track listing but if I see that I’ll most likely blog it, OK?

The mad wicked great cover is a painting by the same artist that done all the 7″ vinyl single releases too. Joe Becker and more art here and this painting is named The King and I’ve just got to include the full artwork, it had to be cropped just a little to be a squared like an album cover. If anyone else cares? Here’s the full painting below!


Here’s black & white video live on the radio for the song You Let My Tyres Down:

That’s my TFS news update, the Aussie tour on too with now bonus Melbourne show! Everyone’s got tickets? So until next time that’s it for the moment!

Cheers 🙂



  1. Yeah, no shit…that cover, i found your excellent blog due to needing to know who painted that cover. AND i’d just found out that TFS existed! Pretty good hour on the internet, eh? I’d really like to see that ptg in situ – y’know get a feel for the suface, scale, if that colour saturation is some post production digital tweaking (nothing wrong withthat on an album cover – i just have nevr seen that sort of vibrancy in any paint tube). BUt my first reaction (tfs bandcamp page) was “hell, look at that. THAT is real painting.” Your link to his gallery is kaput though.
    And that fucking Gareth Liddiard just keeps writing better and better. Its intense just observing him – imagine being him – i worry

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