New Music: Depth Of Field by Sarah Blasko

So the next brand new album I got this year was this one, it’s like part two blog post after yesterday’s one. I think but don’t quote me that it was released the very same day this year as yesterday post band but that came early and this was late with my pre-orders, if anyone cares but what does it matter now?

What else can I say about this? Like I was saying yesterday for that band then, Sarah been around for a few years now. I think it’s her sixth album too, I should just cut and pastel yesterday’s blog post. Nope, Blasko has her own thing going on. A Blasko record is always going be a Blasko record, you know what your getting by now! It’s not like she just going to go all Death Metal or something? It’s way more synths and strings than before and her lyric writing is total magic.

Only her second record recorded in Australia, all her early ones were oversea somewhere. The closet was her Sea album was in Neil Finn’s New Zealand studio and she headed home on her last album. I didn’t like that last album as much as her older stuff and I don’t know what it was? I was trying to figure it because like I was saying just above, it’s her thing. Recorded in her home town of Sydney and she back with this one and I’m digging even more synths. She’s always big on piano and keys and even strings too. So once again I’m not really saying nothing new but I think if your a fan your going to be liking/loving it a lot as I do. I’m a blogger and never really wanted to be reviewer and totally put it all apart or something anyway, OK?

My pre-order came with a lenticular cover artwork and plus a limited edition signed postcard which I forget It did so I was surprise when it came but in truth the cover is freaking me out a little. It’s like 3D sad Sarah face looks at you every time you pick up the album, just wanna say “it’s not that bad” or just even pash her or something? The music is her most enjoy-ish of all her albums but that might be down to the synths yet again but even her words seem more happy too or something, I guess!

The three promo videos are these:

Depth of Field tracklisting:

1. Phantom
2. A Shot
3. Never Let Me Go
4. Everybody Wants To Sin
5. Heaven Sent
6. Making It Up
7. Savour It
8. Another
9. Read My Mind
10. Leads Me Back


I’m loving this album at the moment but maybe I should just give up writing posts about new albums because I’m not saying much, hey? Sarah’s playing Rosie’s in three months here and reminds me I better get some tickets!

Cheers 🙂


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