New Music: Hounds Of Love (Soundtrack) by Dan Luscombe

So do you need some really fucked-up mid-week music or what? Well, I love a bit of that and that’s basically what your getting with this! If you know nothing about the movie, it’s for an Australian film about two serial killers in Perth in the 1980’s. I’ve still not seen it but listening to the soundtrack album a little bit, I’ve just got to post it up here now! It’s not going to be happy happy joy joy Ren & Stimpy song on repeat for pretty much a bit of a horror film, is it?

 The Dan Luscombe is Aussie muti-instrumentalists who’s current member of on hiatus The Drones, co-producer of Courtney Barnett albums, also played with The Blackeyed Susans, Paul Kelly’s band and albums etc. Now he’s moving into soundtracks? Well, he did one about ten years before this one and as far as I know he’s not planning more but who knows? He’s bloody great at it and should do more! Here’s a little interview with him link, he’s saying he’s inspired by 1970’s Frankie Teardrop song by the duo calling themselves Suicide so it’s pretty synth heavy music!

So this post could be called what are the other two The Drones guys doing while Fi and Gaz are Tropical Fuck Storming it up? Dan also did married his girlfriend or asked her to get married and this was the wedding music, just joking! Gareth did ask Chriso and Dan should we do the next Drones album etc. or give that a break? Both says the latter and wanted some family time too!

This was more late last year than this year movie, streaming the music above and below so take your pick? Of what you wanna use? You can also buy it on itunes now from last month but I’m so dead against that and never use it anymore. So it’s a pity no CD, vinyl or what about cassette tape release? Hey Dan, what about bandcamp or just getting TFS records mates to put it out on something?

The full complete soundtrack time is a little under 50 mins. Director & Writer is Ben Young and stars: Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Stephen Curry & Susie Porter. The other songs used in the movie is Lady D’Arbanville performed by Cat Stevens, Nights in White Satin performed by The Moody Blues and Atmosphere performed by Joy Division, so no Kate Bush at all!

Hounds Of Love (Soundtrack) track listing:

1. Netballers – 3:31
2. Soundproof – 2:13
3. The Clean Up – 2:50
4. Evelyn and the Hound – 1:43
5. The Runaway – 5:32
6. Hot Filthy Air – 3:42
7. Blocked Exits – 3:01
8. Sunday Oblivion – 1:34
9. Despicable Love – 6:09
10. The Concerned Neighbour – 1:25
11. Pathetic King – 1:01
12. Quiet Afternoon – 1:50
13. Evelyn Knows – 2:10
14. John’s Mistake – 3:13
15. Finding Vicki – 5:37
16. Hounds of Love Closing Theme – 3:23


So I’m doing yet another new music album, well soundtrack post but I’m can’t make my mind about doing these posts or not too? I just have to post this up here today. It just too good or great not to blogged something about it, hey?

Oh, here’s the movie trailer:

Cheers 🙂


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