New Music: Mother by Xylouris White

I’m writing about more new albums, this one was released way back in January now for my Friday post this week. Maybe, the full title of these post should be something like: new music I’ve already got and totally love so I’m writing something about them now! This is the next album I’ve brought, off course I totally dig it and love it so sharing here for anyone who’s missed it or maybe dig it as much as I do?

I’ve posted about Black Peak album, the one before this one in my top ten in 2016 and just at the start of this year I put up the video to the lead song/single Only Love if you missed it, linked here but here’s that video clip yet again now:

Is that the greatest video of the year, so far or what?

The Mother album is the third by this duo of Greek-Aussie George Xylouris who plays lute, lyre, mandolin, cello and the singer and Aussie drummer Jim White who’s most well known for the band Dirty Three but has played with too much other acts to name now, I’ve blogged about his early stuff a bit before on my blog too. This third record is recorded and produced etc. by American Guy Picciotto who most well known for Fugazi but you could say he’s more of a third member of this band really. If you do now need a copy of it, find it here!

What else can I say? I love it, oh I’ve said that already! It’s a little over 35 mins. long but when it ends it begs to be played again and again. It’s got nine tracks plus the seventh and ninth are based on traditional songs but the rest are originals.

Mother track listing:

1. In Media Res
2. Only Love
3. Motorcycle Kondilies
4. Spud’s Garden
5. Daphne
6. Achilles Heel
7. Woman From Anogeia
8. Call and Response
9. Lullaby


No west coast Aussie tour dates 😦 but I still love it!

Cheers 🙂

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