Top Ten Tracks: Sun Kil Moon

So it’s ten of my fave tracks from the official SKM albums added up and counted is eight, plus by the two Jesu/Sun Kil Moon collaboration but stay turned for the solo Mark Kozelek top ten tomorrow or in a couple of days, OK? I guess he’s one my fave songwriters and picking one fave song from each of these was a bit tricky, everyone who’s a fan will most likely would have a different ten because of the fact he’s been a round since I can remember or discovering him in the 90’s. Not the first time writing about him so trying not to repeat today, my Monday morning post.

Cutting to the chase I’m picking one song from each of those ten albums. I kind-of think each of my picks do some up the albums in one song so if your a new comer to SKM I hope it’s a not bad intro to the huge back catalogues. I don’t think they or he’s has made a totally bad album but some are better than other or ones I enjoy more than others. Starting with his newest and working back to the oldest so not ranked in any way, shape or form!

The Highway Song (2017)

The fourth track on the epic double album from last year called Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood. Basically it’s Mark with Steve Shelley on drums, ex-Sonic Youth recorded both in New York and San Francisco, Mark playing more bass and keyboards than his guitar. I think The Highway Song both musically and lyrics work the best, well for me at least. Just missing out is or my other highlights would be: God Bless Ohio, Early June Blues, I Love Portugal but the aim was only one track and would have be The Highway Song.

Needle Disney (2017)

The third track on the second album by Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, these guys together again on album called 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Plant Earth. This was the lead song released before the album was out, not really a single because it was mainly only streamed on the SKM website but still my fave of the nine songs on that album. About him remembering taking his then gf who’s a junkie to Disney world but so much more. It’s one his most perfect written songs of his newer stuff for me and really could listen to Needle Disney forever and the best Jesu/Sun Kil Moon song in my opinion!

Sally (2016)

Seventh track on the debut self-titled Jesu/Sun Kil Moon collaboration album, yet another hard pick with both the songs Exodus and America’s Most Wanted Mark Kozelek And John Dillinger at a very close second place. Sally is another track of him remembering old gf but them goes else where too. Musically maybe his heaviest song and his lyrics are almost screamed too!

Little Rascals (2015)

Fifth track on the Universal Themes album and yeah, it’s named after a kids movies. So did you know the more softer parts of this song Mark is still singing his lyrics low in the mix but it seems some miss it so I’ve just pointing it out here and now. If I was ranting these songs this one could be my most fave track of all his songs of all-time! I think?

Dogs (2014)

Fourth track on the Benji album and yeah, named again after another kid’s and a dog movie too! This track is more like a list of his earliest gf or something? But it’s so beautifully written, singing about Pink Floyd’s album Animals and the song Dogs but linking it all up at the end of the songs too!

UK Blues (2012)

The fifteenth track on Among The Leaves album and it’s a touring muso song but it could be just a homesick track for anyone too! It was tricky picking just one from this album because I do love the album and great tracked missed out but this song might be the weakest track on my top ten list today?

Australian Winter (2010)

The eighth track on Admiral Fell Promises album, yet another touring muso song. I think it was one of his earliest Aussie tours was in the middle of winter but I notices his last few have been in Summertime, you know?

Blue Orchids (2008)

The last song on the April album and this was right in the middle of his nylon strings acoustic guitar epic albums run which is all very hard to pick the very best but I did it amazingly today!

Space Traveling Is Boring (2005)

The fourth track from Tiny Cities album which is a full album of Modest Mouse covers which is so great for a cover album, if you like that kind-of thing or both those’s acts or one of them?

Lily & Parrots (2003)

So the seventh track on the debut Sun Kil Moon album called Ghost On The Highway but it’s the most rocky track on the album really. Maybe the the most rock n roll song of the early days recorded under this name and pretty great way to finish this list off!

It’s Mark because Sun Kil Moon is basically him with some other guys!

So at the very start of this year I did do my fave Nick Cave and then kind-of Mark E. Smith so I guess it’s only number three or part 3 but another top ten is coming tomorrow or in a couple of days with more Kozelek, my faves under his own name! Do you have your own top ten SKM tracks, please why not let me know now?

Cheers 🙂



  1. I have pretty much everything he’s done up to about 2014 or 15, then I lost interest/got overwhelmed by all the new releases. Some of my favourite under the Sun Kil Moon name:
    – Carry Me Ohio
    – Neverending Math Equation
    – Lost Verses
    – Ben’s My Friend

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