Wicked Songs: Rubber Bullies by TFS + Cover Versions: Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive by TFS

Side A: Rubber Bullies

Side B: Stayin’ Alive

It’s been out for a few days so I’m a little late but I’m still waiting for the 7″ color vinyl, why can’t they just email it?

 Off course a promo video for the A side track is up, it’s the last song on the coming album next month but I’ve just got to embedded here too!

It’s not my fave Bee Gees song but it’s very, very wicked cover of the song but I’ve just gotta dig up the old 1977 video clip now!

Rubber Bullies lyrics by Gareth Liddiard:

this supermarket aircon’s freezing man
i’m feeling like i’m dying
it’s a half hour after midnight
and the fluros zapped my appetite
it don’t make choosing easy
i’m waiting for a sign
some miracle of marketing
to save me from these isles
then it’s omega man amnesia
in narrow night time streets
that capsize in their puddles
with their storm clouds and their sleeps
discreet wet dreams and nightmares
seclusion, side by side
the world’s way too connected
and all anybody does is fight
staging their crypto inquisitions
all in multiple choice, like:

Anything that screws you’s
surely sured up by its bulk and…
A: better organised?
B: better mobilised?
C: getting monetised?
D: can’t be criticised?
you better hold on
and get it right
you better hold on
the whole world’s gonna pass you by
oh how why
time seems to fly
oh how why
life passed me by
take me on a holiday
put me on an aeroplane
i wanna BMW
i wanna be immortal in my lifetime too
there’s a stone wall ‘round a citadel
cities made of glass
certain pasts want certain futures
certain futures certain pasts
there’s a building site on sesame street
all party donor backed
it’s all foot long sub divisions
built so cheap they won’t outlast
your disapproval or their doormats
built by the sycophants
of plutocrats and idiots big on
firm handshakes and eye contact
the water pressure’s pitilessand all the restaurants shut by eight
the walls are made of plywood
when they should be armour plate
you better hold on
its gonna fly
here comes a letter to the occupant
here comes the caveat – an eye for an eye
oh how why
you know the end is nigh
so take me on a holiday
put me on an aeroplane
just take me on a holiday
and put me on an aeroplane
oh how time
where we going now?
to that terrace over Rio
with a bougainvillaea vines
where the heat finally nailed me
so we stayed the xtra night
and the guard up in the watchtower
charged with keeping out the fighting
joked the difference between sexes
all boils down to their handwriting
when we checked out the next morning
we were on a first name basis
but then he had the kind of features
where you can’t recall his face
but it wouldn’t have been that much later he saw God’s
‘cause he died staring up the nostrils
of a UPP shotgun
he couldn’t hold on
he couldn’t fly
wrong place wrong time is something of an understatement
the world went passed him by
oh how why
time seems to fly
oh how why
where we going now?


Update edit: (24/4/18) Finally got the Rubber Bullies 7″ today and it’s plays at 33 speed and is green too! So Chameleon Paint was white, Soft Power was red and You Let My Tyres Down was yellow. Which now means I have more TFS vinyl singles than The Drones now, my 7″ singles I own are the double Custom Made with a then new recording of Cockeyed Lowlife Of The Highlands on side A, I Don’t Ever Want To Change on side B, cover of Charles Aznavour’s I Drink on side C and radio edited of Shark Fin Blues on side D. Then two split 7″ singles, one with The Meanies on side A and Dan Kelly plus The Drones both doing The Meanies covers on side B which this and Custom Made are pale black but amazingly a free 7″ that came with a magazine is on see-through red with How To See Through Fog and flip side is a band called Clutch. I really should write a post about them or maybe not?

Cheers 🙂

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