Top Ten Tracks: Mark Kozelek

Following my ten fave songs by Sun Kil Moon ten days ago and not a couple of days like did say back then. So everything else released under with his real name for today is my fave tracks! This includes all his collects of his MK with some other artists albums too because he’s done a few of them but I’m not including any solo live albums which he kind-of re-works of all songs one way or other.

Like the last list I’m only one song from each album plus as number ten at the very end is my all-time fave Red House Painters, which really they should have their own top ten too but maybe some other time, OK? Red House Painters was Kozelek’s 90’s band so I should really, hey? Not ranted again just just going backwards from release dates but here goes…

Blood Test (2017)

Sixth track on the MK with Ben Boye and Jim White self-titled album and maybe I know it’s not the very best song on the album but love it so much I just have to pick it today. three or was it four releases from just last year by Mark was pretty insane but I guess that’s what happens when he turns 50 years old! This one was my fave of all of them which was the last one released late last year, I reco it more than the others! BTW Jim White is drumming on another coming soon album Mark is working on right now!

I’m Still In Love With You (2017)

Third track from MK and Sean Yeaton’s Yellow Kitchen album, it only had six tracks so do I call it mini-album or EP? Once again maybe not the best song but it’s the one I love it the most so I’m picking it today, OK? It’s shortest track on this releases after one of the longest just above. It’s my least fave overall release from last year’s pile by MK, you know?

Float On (2017)

The very last track on I guess the best way to describe it as MK piano cover album called Sing Favorites. So it’s yet another Modest Mouse cover too which maybe is their most well known song by them, do I need to say any more?

2,000 Miles (2014)

The third song on his Sings Christmas Carols album. Mark does have a long history of playing Xmas songs so amazingly only one have popped but in these last two posts about him. I did call his my most fave Xmas album of all-time and wrote a long winged blog post here, if you wanna look? If you don’t know this song was written by The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde.

You Missed My Heart (2013)

The sixth track on the MK & Jimmy Lavelle’s wicked epic album called Perils From The Sea. This one was really, really hard to pick just one song from this album, highly reco album by me and could be one of his all-time best albums overall.

Hey You Bastards I’m Still Here (2013)

The third song on the MK & Desertshore self-titled album is the very most Mark track on my list today, if you know what I mean? All his songwriting creative comes together in just one song. Maybe, this one and the track just above and the very last song on my list today would be top three if I was ranking them!

I (2013)

The opening track on his acoustic guitar cover album called Like Rats and my fave or greatest Bad Brains cover of all-time!

Send In The Clowns (2008)

Mark re-recorded it for the piano cover album in 2017 but the much earlier version from The Finally LP was the better one by him. I guess, it’s a totally great song so having more than one cover is great.

If You Want Blood (2001)

The eight track on Mark’s debut solo album entitled What’s Next To The Moon which was all Acca Dacca covers and this one is my fave or greatest AC/DC cover of all-time!

Mistress (1993)

Red House Painters song as track ten today so NOT solo Mark Kozelek and maybe my little intro to them would be perfect with this song. From the album known as Rollercoaster or Red House Painters I. Maybe, I will do my Red House Painters top ten songs sometime?

It’s Mark as the bass player Larry Fellows in the movie Almost Famous which could be what he’s most well known for? Just for the fact it’s a big hit mainstream Hollywood movie!

Now Mark does have a brand new self-titled album coming out next month, you know? What I know about it is? It’s a 11 track solo album with him recording it in hotel rooms on his electric guitar. All songs are originals and ex-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley plays on one song plus it’s another double CD album yet again because it’s well over 80 mins. of music, pre-order it here!

Cheers 🙂


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