Wicked Songs: Swinging Man + Oblivion ‎by King Pig

OK, after writing the live gig post on the weekend I found these tracks by little known Perth band called King Pig. Playing the first gig in 26 years for I Get Up Again, Brian Hooper tribute show. King Pig singer is Alan Hooper, Brain’s brother and it was bloody wicked live set. I love posting about pretty unknown music so this counts as that, it’s King Pig for my Thursdays blog post today, OK?

Swinging Man is from one of two 7″ singles released in 1986.

Oblivion is from the other 7″ single released in 1986 and this is one is an instrumental.

One self titled album followed in 1990 which I can’t find online anywhere at all. Maybe those two soundcloud songs are just the start? They do have a Facebook page, if you like that kind-off think? Perth community radio RTR FM did have profile history thingy about them too but no music, you can steam it here too! That seems to be all I can find about this band?

King Pig back in the 80’s, my guess Alan Hooper is second on left?

Cheers 🙂


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