Top Ten Tracks: Björk

OK, something different for the weekend after going 80’s nuts all week. I did says I was going to do my top ten tracks by artists earlier this year but I’ve been mainly doing those yearly playlist posts and only done a couple of these posts, so far. So my this Saturday blog post is my fave 10 songs by Björk! If you haven’t been able to tell by now? I do love a few bonkers artists, that go all out to do the craziest music ever! Björk is the artist since going solo in 90’s who’s done this the most or can I think of another artist like that? No, not as much as her! Can you?

Anyway this idea is simple: pick my ten fave songs by her, not anyone’s else or hit singles or highest selling but just the ones I love the most and write a little line about each track. Now I was trying to figure out why I like something more than something else but I know that’s kind-of impossible!

Birthday by The Sugarcubes

Gotta have one The Sugarcubes song and I still remember seen this one on late night TV music show called rage. I was thinking at the time: that was weird but now it’s like totally normal or something?

Violently Happy

Just has to be this one from her debut solo album called Debut in 1993. Got to be one of the great solo albums of all-time too! BTW an extra in the video is Daryl from The Walking Dead or his real name is Norman Reedus, can you spot him?

Army Of Me

Once again always my fave track from the second album called Post in 1995 and once again a single and video track but not the biggest one lifted from it. What more can you want in a video clip than a gorilla as a dentist? That’s not Norman Reedus dressed up this time, so sorry and I know it’s a pity!


So first non-single or video song to be included in my list today but not the last. Some might miss it because it’s the second last track on her third album called Homogenic in 1997. I think I would call it my second fave album overall of her stuff too, if you would like to know?

I’ve Seen It All

From the soundtrack album called Selmasongs or the one and only feature film she done called Dancer In The Dark in 2000. The Lars Von Trier movie was a living nightmare for her to make, you know? Lars co-wrote the lyrics and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke sung this one as a duet.


Now comes my all-time fave album by Björk called Vespertine in 2001. This is closing song from that album and could win my fave track by her too or it could be…

Hidden Place

The opening track from the fourth album, I really can’t pick it! Amazing I got only two songs from Vespertine really. I did write a whole CA blog post about this album, you know?

Where Is The Line?

The third track from the fifth album called Medúlla in 2004. This was a single/video track for the album but I don’t remember it so that’s why it’s not here, if you wanna know? Mike Patton featured on this track too but you can’t call it a duet or can you?


I’m skipping one album to go to 2011’s Biophilia album, her seventh. I totally loved this album and has to be under-rated as hell in her back catalogue, maybe my third fave album overall and even beating Debut to that top three spot.


Vulnicura album in 2015 was her big break-up album, I could feel that pain in her vocals. It was never going to be easy record to listen too but she did make it into great art and I do still put this one on sometimes now. This is the closing track on that album too.

So only two solo albums since the early 90’s have missed out, I’m not even counting the self-titled album she made as a very little kid. Late last year’s Utopia album is an album I might call the most disappointing for me. The whole album is a bit like a rebound relationship after a big break-up which needs to happen but it’s not a very good thing. Trying to do a whole album featuring the flute as the main instrumental is a very brave move for her but never seems to work musically at all. Maybe I’m been too harsh and and need to listen more? The other album missing is 2007’s Volta which was just an OK album, it’s was not great or not bad but just OK overall but I can’t even pick a fave song from it really too. I seem I love beats Björk the best or should that be beastie Björk? Something I didn’t think much about before writing this post today!

Björk and a polar bear both screaming!

So that’s my opinion about her but I’ll love to know your fave Björk track/s now, have you got ten too?

Cheers 🙂



      1. Glad you found them, thought you might appreciate! Umm so many to choose from, maybe my faves are: Human Behaviour, Play Dead, Hyperballad, Joga, Army Of Me, Violently Happy and I do also like The Gate from the album that you didn’t love, Utopia! But very hard to shortlist! I’m going to Iceland next year and I know Bjork doesn’t live there anymore (or does she?) but maybe I’ll spot her, you never know?!? =)

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      2. I wanted to go to Iceland once, even had it all planned out but it didn’t happened!
        So should i give Utopia album another go or a bit more of a fair change? or at less The Gate track?

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      3. Oh that’s no good, but there’s still plenty of time for Iceland William! =) Personal taste of course! I like ‘The Gate’ because (and although I’m not religious) it has a kind of…something…like I can’t explain in words, especially at the start…and I love the way she rolls her ‘rrrrrrrrs’ in this. =) Not sure if that makes sense!! =)

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  1. Hey nice list! I wouldn’t call myself a Bjork superfan but her first three albums are absolutely essential in my opinion.
    It was nice to see Army of Me on your list as that is a classeeek but my favourite has to be Joga from Homogenic – such an eclectic catalogue though.

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