Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Angels Vs. Devils

So last weekend’s theme was angel and now comes the devil theme but I can’t or couldn’t pick just one song each so this is what I’ve done for this! You can take your pick dear SLS reader/s? Or listen to all of them? Then can tell me which one you like the best? You’re really making these too hard Helen to choose, you know?

I’ve narrowed it down to just nine angel songs:

Lord Send Me An Angel #2 by Blind Willie McTell

The Black Angel’s Death Song by The Velvet Underground

Whorey Angel by Betty Davis

Fall Of The Rebel Angels by Sergio Cervetti

Angel Of Death by Slayer 

Angel by The Dead C

Seven Angels by Earth

Angels On The Bowling Greens by Augie March 

Fallen Angel by Don Walker 

I guess, I’ll now do nine devil songs too:

Love The Devil by Honey Ltd. 

Devil’s Jump by John Lee Hooker

A Devil In The Woods by The Gun Club

Devil’s Right Hand by Johnny Cash 

Me And The Devil by Gil Scott-Heron

Devil Song by Beth Orton 

The Devil Was In My Yard by The Sleepy Jackson 

The Devil Drives by Dave Graney ‘N’ the Coral Snakes

Up Jumps The Devil by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

 So that’s the very short version of these themes because I could go on and on forever! Gotta ask who’s got the best tunes? Angels or Devils? Sorry no lyrics this weekend but if you do like one or more yourself you can do a quick google search? Which song/s do you like the best? If you listened to all of them?

Cheers 🙂

Today it’s Lucifer being cast out of heaven engraving by Gustave Doré for Milton’s Paradise Lost


  1. Phew… I’ve been playing catch up all day and I just don’t have it in me to listen to 18 songs right now. I will try and come back to this one, though, as it looked like there were some interesting choices in the mix. Thanks so much for playing along! It’s so much fun to see that my themes are inspiring. 🙂

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    1. Oh well, whatever or whenever! i guess that’s a lot to listen too but you could, can just pick one only out yourself? 🙂 it was just tooooooooo tricky for me to pick just one song each the last couple of weeks!
      Anyway cheers yet again to you, Helen!

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