Wicked Songs: Weed Whacker by Mark Kozelek + Sarah by Thin Lizzy

So Mark Kozelek has released a new video clip to a song from his brand new self-titled album, which isn’t out yet but you can listen to the whole over at his website link here. I think it’s out this Friday so you can buy it then or listen to it on Spotify? I love this new song from the album and so glad did they made a video clip for Weed Whacker. It’s been made by Luke Gibbs and Mark’s been animated in it, Luke’s an Aussie bloke too!

I do love this album in full after a few listens I would call it a masterpiece. He did releasing four albums last year, maybe it’s hard or tricky to keep up with his output but after all that stuff this new album makes perfect sense! If that comment makes any sense at all? Maybe, I’ll write a little more about this album when my pre-order comes. You can too, from his own website linked here!

Mark hasn’t done too many video clips over all the years but I can’t think of any of them, right now. So below are the words to Weed Whacker and plus I’ve also included 1972 Thin Lizzy’s Sarah because basically he name drops it in this song. That’s my Wednesday morning blog post, hope you enjoy these songs too?

Weed Whacker lyrics:

He’s tired of the studio environment
He’s tired of the tour schedule regimen
He’s planning for his early retirement
He’s gonna buy another house and get another renter to pay him rent
He’s gonna buy another house and get another renter to pay him rent
He’s living by the ocean and his lungs are full and old
He’s gonna take a break at his mountain house in the gold rush town
I was dancing around in the backyard with my weed whacker
I was dancing around in the backyard with my goggles on and my weed whacker
I was dancing around with no shirt on and my weed whacker
On my acre of land, just me, myself, and I, and my weed whacker

Walked into town, a guy in the coffee shop had a broken arm
I said, “How’d you do that,” he said, “Too much dancing”
I said, “Never a better way to break your arm”
I said, “I almost broke my arm today too”
He said, “Yeah, how’s that?,” I said, “Weed whacking”
He said, “Yeah man, your face is pretty red and your arms are all scratched”
I said, “Are my eyes going bad or does it smell like someone went camping?”
He said, “Man you seem confused, like might need a little bit of napping”
I said, “Yeah, who’s that in the background on the radio, rapping?”
He said, “They’re called Sun Kil Moon, the album is called
Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
You’ve probably never heard of them
By the way, it’s not the radio, it’s Spotify”
And he said, “What’s wrong, you look like you’re going to cry”
He said, “What’s wrong, you look like you’re going to cry”
“No, I’m alright but that’s right, I never heard of them
Are they black or are they white?,” he said, “The singer is white”
But he’s not sure about the rest of them
He said, “Man you look confused, can you count to ten?
Can you tell me if it’s day or night, or what month it is?
Do you know where you are right now?”

He’s back by the ocean where his nostrils are full of cypress trees
He’s back by the ocean where his face almost looks like he’s about to sneeze
He hears a Gear-y Rapid Transit bus going by from his window
He sees the Cliff House sign, he walks alone down
Point Lobos Avenue, San Francisco, California, 940121
Where’s he going, I don’t know where he needs to be
Where’s he going, I don’t know and neither do you

Cause actually none of us really know nothing about nothing
There’s a dog named Cyrus, there was a dog named Sally Muffin
Did I once meet, Kermit Ruffins did
My grandmas made good oyster stuffing
When somebody tries to act like they know a lot about something
Chances are they’re probably talking about a whole lot of nothing
When somebody tries to tell you that they know a lot about something
They’re probably talking about a whole lot of nothing

And I’m reading Steinbeck’s The Moon Is Down
Is it me or somebody else in my skin walking around?
Did I once stay and watch the Cliff House burn to the ground?
Did I once make an album called Down Colorful Hill?
Will it pay ten dollars a pound?
Somebody hurry up and write the answer down
Split twenty thousand dollars I believe, not pounds
Doesn’t that make us the coolest guys in town?

Am I singing or am I talking?
What’s your opinion?
Did you ever hear a guy called Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy
Sing a song Sarah, let’s hear it
If you did, you had to be crying
If you didn’t cry, you’re probably lying
We don’t see eye to eye and if we don’t
Let’s meet at the halfway line
I’ll do the fishing, you’ll do the frying
What’s important is that we all keep trying
That we don’t keep hurting each other
Accept our differences
Let’s find understanding and never stop trying

Hey, did you see the breaking news?
Are we smart or are we fools?
In my backyard there’s a swimming pool, it’s never used
Hey, there’s a guy walking down the avenue
Pretty sure he’s been through a lot
He always looks deep in thought
He always looks mildly distraught
I want to talk to him but I think I oughta not
I’m projecting his hurt, but I don’t know nothing about nothing
Maybe he’s walking to get a tea and a muffin
Maybe he’s meditating, maybe he’s contemplating
Maybe at the end of the road, someone is waiting for him

There’s a lot to be grateful for at the end of the day
I’m pretty sure I got a lot of help along the way
Sure I could use this verse to drop a couple of names
But to me, you all supported me all the same
I don’t forget who inspired me along the way

You turn on the news
Somebody’s hijacking, someone’s terrorist attacking
Somebody’s hijacking a plane
An actor died and was no longer acting
I was dreaming last night that I was in a shoe store
And they sold suitcases too
But the one I liked was too heavy
I said, “Hey, got any socks?”
He said, “Yeah, they’re up there on the shelf”
And they were a very good value

Then I woke up to the ladies above me yakking
Like The Golden Girls, like them they had squawking
They don’t pause at all, it’s nonstop talk-talking
I went up there and asked them, “Please keep it down”
I was kind and polite, I told them, “I’d like to sleep a few more hours”
They said, “Hey, you’re the one who kept us up all night with your rapping
Who do you think you are anyway, LL Cool J?”
They were right, who the fuck am I?
I’m just a guy making music for Spotify
The ceiling is thin, it’s always been
It is what it is, and it’s beautiful to be alive
To hear the buses going by
To see the raccoons crossing the street from the park at night

And now it’s time to get packing
But not for any kayaking and not for any backpacking
Not for any FedEx tracking, not for any safe cracking
Not for any thumbtacking, not for any haystacking
Not for any carjacking
I’m packing to go do some weed whacking
Pretty soon I’ll be dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker
Dancing around in my backyard with my weed whacker

Edit (10/4/18) My pre-order came today, just putting it on right now and it’s another double CD again plus a bonus free CD of Live In Chicago by Sun Kil Moon with Magik Magik Orchestra was included too. That’s pretty amazing because yesterday my pre-order came for the Melbourne’s TFS new album. Somehow this came almost the same day but it came all the way from San Francisco America, how is that possible?

That is someone weed wacker but it’s most likely not Mark doing it in this photo!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Super-cool video clip William! Mark’s songs (of the limited few that I know) seem to be very autobiographical; is this what he’s known for? Or? Eg. Needles Disney, Ben’s My Friend, etc. Thanks for sharing yet again! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s been doing this style of songwriting more and more now in the last few years since somewhere around, i think mid-2010’s, before that he’s wrote somewhat totally diff really! Some very big fans of his don’t really like it but i like/love some of it more than other parts because so much is released he’s pushing his music fans somewhat to the limit, if you know what i mean? i don’t know if he’s peak with this style on this new album but he’s pushed, pushing the envelope to the limits! Not all of it is total autobio, something things on it are NOT the truth about him from what I know so he’s mixing up the fact and fiction but i think he’s done that before! This one seems like it’s even more of everyday boring detail in songs somehow made great as a whole. i need and want to listen more to this album, it’s all very genius songwriting in my opinion, having a song called Weed Whacker just proves he’s clever bugger!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool! I mean that makes sense, I think the best writing is that which is written from elements of personal experience, we never REALLY know anything until we’ve experienced it, maybe! And as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction, you know? I will try to have a listen to his new stuff, it’s a bit overwhelming because he’s done so much, like you said four albums last year, wtf!! And I’m still slowly getting through his Sun Kil Moon catalogue! What are your faves from his newest album? Maybe I’ll focus on those first. Well I wonder if he’ll come out to Oz in the near future again, what do you think? He would be quite wonderful to see I reckon. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have to say but he just did do Aussie eastern coast tour late last year, the last time he played here in Perth was middle of Summer for 3 hrs 15 mins with all the fans and air cons turned off! He could be back anytime really?
      This new self-titled album is pretty great coming after all those albums last year, maybe it was the plan to just release everything he recorded last year and then do this album! He’s got a November theme album coming out then too or something and working on something already for next year, right now!
      Red House Painters were very diff from what he does now! If you want to know? I didn’t listened to him for a longtime after loving his 90’s stuff but it was his “Sing Xmas Carols” album which that was WTF is that? I can’t remember where i heard it but after that I started again to listen again, i just when backward and then he came to play that unbelievable amazing live show here. I would say just take you time, you can’t really rush them even if he’s putting out a lot of stuff! I would say last year’s “With Ben Boye & Jim White” album was the best. Did those those two top ten tracks posts a few weeks back help or not really?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh man, so I missed it by a few months really! I do remember you blogging about the epic set you saw in Perth! Who was the support again? I know you said, I just can’t remember! So I did listen to all of the Sun Kil Moon Top 10 you did but clearly didn’t do my homework with the Mark Kozelek Top 10 so will add that to my list of William songs to listen to! Yeah good advice, I’ll start with those Top 10 and the album you mentioned above, and then suss out the “Xmas Carols” album which sounds totally bizarre (and are they really Christmas carols or…??). Phew…and then check out more of the Red House Painters…and by then he’ll have probably another ten albums out! Maybe we need to get Aunty Meredith to invite him out to GP or Meredith, now THAT would be pretty great. What are the chances, lol??

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, no one did support but remember getting an email saying it’s the last night of the tour and SKM wants to start early around 8:30 so don’t be late! it was pretty amazingly gig and i did hear after a lot people did leave because of that heat, it got some bad review in the local press. I know he does do that long show sometimes but not all the time. I did blog about that early 2015 gig!
        GP Meredith would be pretty great, they could say to Mark play as long as you like and maybe he might do 4 hrs or something silly set!
        I did wrote blog posts on both those 2014 Xmas and Benji albums a couple of years ago too! Do wanna see want I was saying then? But it’s not more homework!
        No rush or anything, just take your time if you do wanna check out all his stuff!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks William, I just read these three posts! Good stuff! I think I’d be a bit scared to be in his audience, maybe like when you go to an auction and you’re scared to sneeze or scratch your nose cos you think you’ll accidentally make a bid, I think I’d have to be on my best behaviour! (Tim Rogers once told me off for talking at one of his gigs, I was mortified!) But it sounds like he has a great rapport with his audience! Shame he didn’t get you up on stage!! I do love when there is good banter and interaction between artist and audience! Slowly, slowly I shall work through his stuff! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well, it really was unlike any show I’ve even been too and he’s not your normal run of the mill front-man. I was pretty closer to the front but not as close as the people he talk too, invited on stage and yeah i don’t think i would know want to do or say if he did!

        Liked by 1 person

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