Top Ten Tracks: Radiohead

Omission from the very start of this post today. I love Radiohead from 2000’s to now more than their heyday back in the 90’s! So that’s what happen here in my top 10 song so don’t be shock/surprised by reading this, OK? So I did something like this but more the whole albums as the then the brand new album come out, it was my most popular post back then too so linking it here if wanna look or see what I say then and now? It was just two years ago but seems longer than that now! Adding all the youtube clips this this too, if you wanna listen to any, right now?

Just going from oldest to newest and NOT numbering them in anyway, here goes…

Talk Show Host (1996)

Picking an early song by them is tricky, most list like these are just made but by them. I’ve gone with an originally a B-side but then used on a movie soundtrack just to maybe to prove the point any of their tracks could great depending on… whatever reason it is. Ask me to play just one song by them from the 90’s, it would this one. Than opening riff is killer then Thom starts to sing, I love all the lyrics from start to finish so it’s just perfect.

Pyramid Song (2001)

Almost straight to the 2000’s but I should say I did see Radiohead live in the 90’s but haven’t seen them since. Aussie tour do seem few and far between lately. Anyway this is another perfect song for me but all these ten are so perfect I better come up with something else to say, hey?

Go To Sleep (2003)

This one was the kind-of acoustic guitar one I would pick if you if people say Radiohead don’t play real instrumentals or guitars anymore or something silly like that back in the 2000’s. Everyone seem to hate this album but I really do love it so much.

Myxomatosis (2003)

Hail To The Thief album might just be my second fave album by them now, I did love it at the time of release more than other fans did but then came In Rainbow album but that’s dropped down now. For a full-on rock out song by them this is my go to track, you know?

Nude (2007)

I did think I would have picked more tracks from this album than the ones before and after it but it was my fave for a longtime but I’m digging those two way more now. Third track on the leave major label and release an album which everyone can just pay what you like for it. I downloaded it for free at the time but then buy a copy of it couple of months later.

Feral (2011)

King Of Limbs has most def overtaken In Rainbows as my fave Radiohead album of all-time if you’ll like to know? This album everyone hated at the time I didn’t like it much at the time of release too but some reason as the years have gone by, I just put it on more and more than any of the other albums. Keep going back to it and I highly reco on headphones plus on repeat too!

Codex (2011)

I would say this is my most fave song by them ever of all-time! So it would be number 1 on this list if I did number all these tracks. It is track number six on an eight track album King Of Limbs which is under-rated as hell, got to write more about it sometime!

The Daily Mail (2011)

The greatest non-album single by them which maybe should have been on the King Of Limbs as track nine or something but wasn’t. It was one of two singles with four more songs on them which confessed most people or fans than anything else. Then came somewhere in all that the remixes with a whole album of them too.

Before Your Very Eyes… by Atoms For Peace (2013)

Sorry but I’ve just got to included this one from Thom’s other band. Opening track on an epic album which maybe should have done by Radiohead but I think it would been totally different if they did recorded these songs.

Spectre (2015)

Too dark for a Hollywood movie so we got it as a free download but has to be in my top ten songs by them. Someone edited it into the opening credits for the film which I find so very fuckin’ funny.

Present Tense (2016)

Very hard to pick just one song from this album but that’s what I’ve got left after these other tracks. It’s gotta be track number nine from the last Radiohead album A Moon Shaped Pool to finish my top ten tracks off today.

2011’s Radiohead in the trees!

Please join in, if you like to tell me your faves I’ll love to know them?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Aah nice one! Some great ones here. For me from this list the top two definitely would have to be ‘Talk Show Host’ and ‘Pyramid Song’, and ‘Codex’ is also very beautiful but I haven’t heard it as much as the others. I would also add ‘Burn The Witch’, ‘I Might Be Wrong’ and ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’. I actually don’t mind their earlier stuff. I don’t think I’m as familiar with some of their later albums so thanks for this list. I’d love to know, what makes ‘Codex’ your number one pick? =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the very slow sad one on that album and i know i always hit number six after listening to the album because maybe it’s a short album, it’s really beautiful too, i don’t know? I was trying figure out why i like/love one song more than other but couldn’t come up with very good reasons at all! King Of Limbs album should be on that CA list but not! Maybe should bring it back and try writing more about it?
      All those ones you’ve picked are great tracks too but you know that already!
      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that makes sense, sometimes we just love certain songs BECAUSE they are beautiful! But I sometimes think, do I love my fave songs because of the lyrics, or the music, or the tempo, or a combo of these? What do you think? Cos some of my fave songs don’t have lyrics, and some are foreign and I don’t know what they’re singing about…or maybe I’m just thinking too much, hehe! Yeah tough choices to be made re. CA list! But a good choice I’d say! =)

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  2. Nice list here, some great deep cuts. My favourites are a little more basic — Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Just etc. But I’m also very keen on Optimistic, Burn The Witch and Exit Music.

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