New Music: A Laughing Death In Meatspace by TFS + Live Gigs: TFS @ Badlands & Mojo’s

After about a couple of weeks of listening to this brand new album comes the Aussie tour and I’m so silly to got to both west coast dates, here’s what happen! But first a little about my little views of this new album, OK?

If your not yet up about it? This is a debut album by this new band but the singer-songwriter who’s far from new. The 9th album overall of his stuff, that’s all The Drones albums and his one solo Gareth Liddiard album. His 90’s never before released recordings with Rui Pereira have just been release earlier this year too, calling that Bong Odyssey. So this new TFS record could be his 10th album then. Double figures is a big deal for any music artist just for the fact it proves they be around the block more than just a few times and are still at it!

With four color 7″ single coming before this album, we have been drip feed it. Well, half of it since late last year which was pretty great way to intro a new band, Tropical Fuck Storm or TFS for short. That band name comes from some another Aussie muso, Dan Kelly. So they need a name for a record label and band so they start using it, maybe as a joke but it just stay. I’ve been blogging madly about those four vinyl singles plus the cover songs B-sides over the last few months so you should know by now, I love those songs? It’s a really pity the other four, five songs don’t get color 7″ too and B-side cover song too but that would be a bit silly, maybe?

So Antimatter Animals has the chorus of “You politics ain’t nothing but a fond fuck you” and The Future Of History ends with the lines “If IBM is here to make your dreams come true, you can probably say the same thing about nightmares too” are most likely my faves with maybe Chameleon Paint and You Let My Tyres Downs as my more loved two from the four tracks released earlier. I guess I’m saying I dig the first half more then but they do somehow maintain that pass, only too slows down a little in a couple of spots.

In small print on the album is a name BJ Morriszonkle who did add keys and crazy sounds on the title track and the instrumental track or numbers 7 and 8, I’ve never heard of him so here’s what I found, just below. Release back in January this year so you call it a bonus new album today when looking at this. BTW extra singing is also credited to Ralf the fox terrier who also gets a photo inside the album on the lyric sheet booklet, maybe should get 25% co-writer royalty too?

Now off to those gigs! After a sold out east coast TFS get to Perf and Freo which are not, WTF? Well Mojo’s did in the end, which was where I’d first seen The Drones maybe 15 years ago now. I think they have played here for a longtime now, I might be wrong but the last time was in 2010 for Liddiard’s solo album tour at Mojo’s. It’s was so great seeing them back here. The gig at Badlands was pretty great but off course it was a even better gig at Mojo’s. This is the third and fourth time seeing TFS live already! Which before this was in Feb and then March this year plus did see him playing solo just last month too. That might be overkill but it’s not, I bloody love it all!

The setlists was fuckin’ amazing epic and really they should be playing again Monday, tonight somewhere? I would pay to see it yet again! Playing everything from that debut album minus the instrumental called Shellfish Toxin. Plus finishing with The Drones’ song Baby Squared both nights and also did do Taman Shud like second or third song in also then came Divinyls’ Back To Wall cover pretty early on too.

Before playing You Let My Tyres Down he did said “When me and Fi moved over east it was a shithole and that’s what this song is about” on the first night but then saying “it’s about Western Australian, Port Hedland”  the next night. Then the second last song was the wicked epic Bee Gees’ cover Stayin’ Alive which then just surge into feedback noise at the end with Gaz knee dropping to the floor before going into Baby SquaredA little later when getting home on Saturday night, turning Rage TV on which it was Courtney Barnett guest programmer and then she picked the Rubber Bullies video clip which, off course they just play it live!

Someone in the crowd asked earlier what the bloody hell the title track A Laughing Death In MeatSpace means? When Garry was intro it, which at first he got backwards but I guess he’s explaining that a lot at the moment, if you don’t know yet? Papa New Guinea people use to eat their dead family member’s brains who then soon after themselves would died laughing like a mad cow disease for people and then meatspace is what Silicon Valley nerds named the real world as contrasted with the world of cyberspace. So adds up something like we are all eating each brains and then died laughing in physical real world but we have own little facebooks, twitters, blogs, social media computer worlds too which sounds about right!

Mojo’s setlist was pretty much the same songs again but maybe a diff order or not? The vibes are so much better down there, you know? So not exactly same order but I haven’t write any of them out, did I? It was opening with Chameleon Paint and Antimatter Animals before slowing down just a little with Soft Power and A Laughing Death In Meatspace at the midway point before going totally nuts at the end, well everyone did at Mojo’s.

I only seems to have blog about just a few live gigs this year so far, if it’s been mostly some kind-of TFS shows. They have been such great gigs but I’ll try to blog about some other live gigs for the next six months of 2018, OK? I don’t know what yet but these TFS gigs have been total unbelievable great! Go and see them if you can or at least have a listen to this killer new album!

The big news is Gaz has said he don’t want have a break or anything but really wants to just start writing another new album in June/July. The way these girls and bloke have be recording and releasing could we have yet another new album before the end of 2018 or will it be just early 2019? I say bring it on!

TFS’s May Aussie tour flyer/poster!


Cheers 🙂


  1. Great post, sounds like they were awesome as usual! And good to see that Gaz will keep the flow going. Can’t wait to see them in a few weeks in Melbourne-town! The Castlemaine show sold out before we could get tix, bummed about that. I do quite like the ‘Stayin’ Alive’ cover, lucky you got to see them play it. Maybe they’ll play it when I see them, but who bloody knows? Cheers! =)

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    1. Maybe, they might have some even more totally new songs but then?
      Oh, i couldn’t believe they played Bee Gees live and Erica Dunn can bloody scream! but it really did just died in Perf because it seem like everyone was saying why are they playing this song? Some people are no fun! But in Freo everyone was going crazy by then so even more reason to go nuts and then Baby Squared just top it all off! Unbelievable gig!
      So pleased i when to both gigs because god knows when i will get a chance to see them again! Enjoy them in a few weeks 🙂

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      1. I know, it’s sad cos who knows when they’ll play again?! So it’s good you went to both shows. (Did you get to see Augie at all? Or are they another weekend in Perth?) So the questions for you are, did you run into Gaz or Fi again? And were you lying down for all/some of the gig?! It sounds like so much fun, I wish I could go back to GP again and see then cos they were so great there! But I’ll see them soon enough I guess. How far is Freo from Perth then? Cos I really have no idea! Yes, ppl need to just chill out and enjoy, agreed! =)

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      2. Nope, i didn’t get to Augie, something else happened but that was no big deal, kind-of really regret it now and i don’t think they will be coming back anytime soon again, I missed Alex Cameron too! Do you know him? Maybe even more likely to not play again here!
        Nope I didn’t see Gaz at all before them playing, Fi was getting a whole bottle of Jamsons at Mojo’s, if you wanna know? i did see Erica too, who was hanging out a lot watching all the support bands, was thinking to talk to her, ask to play that cover, be a groupie but didn’t say anything to her because she seem to really digging all the bands and don’t need me pestering her! They played it anyway!
        Nope, I didn’t lay down anywhere too! I think it was just so sad at that Hooper gig I couldn’t stand or even sit-up right. Only sat down before the support bands started at Badlands because I am always early. Which does have seats but are all up the back but I’m not sitting up there for these guys or should that be girls and guy! Mojo’s was sold out and they empty the whole place, sometimes do have seats and stuff but if you wanted to sit down last night you would have to on the floor or out in the beer garden!
        It’s amazing, thinking about it now how the same band playing over one weekend how diff the two shows here were. Gigs in Perf sometimes seem like everyone has a carrot up there ass! Where Freo sometimes it’s even too way outer space cowboys even for me, you know what i mean? but it was just pretty great last night, everyone having a great time! i do like shows down there or just down the road from me is the Rosemount which might be a fave venue of mine. i don’t know what would be the best but a lot have closed down but that’s always seems to be happening here!
        Freo is like south of the river here, drive down on Sunday which was 1/2 an hour or something, sometimes it’s longer but it was a ghost town on the roads last night really!
        Oh yeah, GP was so very epic but it’s the Corner with XW your seeing them which should pretty epic gig too?
        That’s a very long wind answer but hope that covers everything? Or anymore questions?

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      3. I love your stories so much William! =) Well I hope the something that happened for not getting to Augie is okay? A shame you missed them but there’ll be another time no doubt! I’ve heard lots about Mojos but not so much Rosemount, agreed it’s crap when venues close. We’re lucky to still have a few good ones in Geelong, especially the Barwon Club (and now even The Workers Club); the Nash (National Hotel) was always great and I spent most of my Thursday to Saturday nights there back in the day, I’ve seen Magic Dirt there more times than I can remember, Augie March too, plus many more! But anyway! Yes XW soon which is gonna be awesome!! Haha I’m sure I’ll have more questions, I always seem to have questions for ya! Haha I always get awks when I’m talking to musicians, so I get where you’re coming from re. Erica! But she probably would have been flattered that a fan’s talking to her, you know? Well when I come up to Perth you can take me out to these venues and I can see for myself! =) Tbh I don’t know a lot about Alex Cameron, I did have a look on YouTube and some of his stuff is familar; which songs etc are your faves of his so I can have another look? On the day I’m seeing TFS and XW I’m going on a winery tour with a heap of staff from work from 10:30 to 5:30, then off to Melbs, I am gonna be STUFFED!! But all good! The things we do for music hey! Cheers! =)

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        That’s a link to the whole album, have a listen when you can! i really loved it and don’t think i couldn’t pick a fave because the whole thing is so great, it did came out last year and i did write something, somewhere too? He was from a band called Seekae who did three albums before he when solo! I didn’t like his debut solo at all but love that one so really want to see him live, he was behind the drum kit last time when seen the band. He would be pretty great to see live and very diff to the band, i think but missed it! 😦 and Augie March too 😦 so i really can’t anything else this year!
        I did see XW one time over east at an art gallery when they just put out the first album Goats, they were totally wicked live! So sounds like it’s going to be a big day/night/weekend but that should be fun!
        Why the bloody hell would you come over here??? It’s not that good, we miss out on so much stuff really! Glad you dig my little stories so much 🙂

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  2. Hey! Thanks for the link! I will definitely have a listen in the next few days. Maybe you can send me the link to that particular blog so I can have a squizz? I try to listen to music in my spares at work (shh, don’t tell anyone!) so today started listening to your Gaz Double J playlist, I think I’m only up to the second quarter so far! Quite a few that are new to me, so thank you for putting them all together, it must have taken a while yeah? XW would have been excellent to see in an art gallery! I saw them (with Psarantonis) at GP in 2013 and will attach the YouTube in case you want to have a look! I couldn’t see myself in the clip but I think I was near the front somewhere! Why not Perth? It sounds rad! Cheers! =)

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