Playlist: Jonnine Standish’s Wild At Heart Mixtapes

Today is yet another really long one. This playlist was a set of four mixtapes for road-trip at something like over four hours of music long. I don’t know if anyone is going for a really long drive or can throw in on in the background or something?

I did downloaded it at the time, it’s was about two years, maybe three years old now but I think it still saying you can do that? If you to want too? It’s totally great listening, she mixes into one long really long song with no pause or gaps in between tracks or anything like that. An unreleased HTRK song are included, if your a music nutcase like me you can figure it out from this! A few weeks or a couple of months ago I did post the new Ghost Trains soundtrack like, almost 20 minute track and then there was three HTRK remixes for other acts too, if you missed those?

Here’s what is on this epic one…

Mixtape 1: Berriedale – Bothwell tracklisting:

104.7 FM Quillota – Jingle
Beautiful People – The Sea… Eventually (feat. Jimi Hendrix)
d’Eon – #03
Sagat – Sigh
Gaussian Curve – Ride
HTRK – Make Love (unreleased)
Wally Badarou – Keep on Trying
Gigi Masin – The Nylon Dollar
DJ Sotofett – Ibiza Dub
Detroit Escalator Company – Gathering Memory
Bell Towers – J.O.M.M.
Function & Vatican Shadow – Red Opium
Standish/Carlyon – Nono/Yoyo (HTRK Love 2.0 Remix)
Professor Genius – Time of the Assassins (Steve Moore Remix)

Mixtape 2: Bothwell – Poatina tracklisting:

Dale Cornish – L’oïda
Shoc Corridor – Iceberg
The Birthday Party – The Red Clock
Madteo – Mr. Grecko
X TG feat. Antony – Janitor of Lunacy
Peter Rehberg – MI3
Patrick Cowley – Nightcrawler
Cocteau Twins – Watchlar
Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give
Tropic of Cancer – More Alone
Untitled – Pan Sonic (unreleased)
Dale Cornish – To Be Blunt
Pan Sonic – Tasmania
DVA Damas – Wet vision
Powell – No New York

Mixtape 3: Poatina – Sheffield tracklisting:

Egisto Macchi – Lampare
Donnie & Joe Emerson – Give Me The Chance
Damon – Song of a Gypsy
Eddie Callahan – Flying
Kim Jung Mi – Wind
Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte
Can – Sing Swan Song
Mum Smokes – Gardening Plans
Dean Blunt – 100
Cleaners From Venus – Helpless
Doug Hream Blunt – Gentle Persuasion
Miles Davis – He Loved Him Madly

  Mixtape 4: Sheffield – Cradle tracklisting:

Coil – Manunkind
Excepter – Song To The Siren
Dickie Landry – Fifteen Saxophones
Coil – Broccolli
Terre Thaemlitz – Hovering Glows
Holly Herndon – Lonely At The Top
Omit- 8:30pm
Regional Curse – Miracle Cure
Peter Rehberg – Pia
Dennis Cooper – A Poem by Dennis Cooper (3:45 AM)
Dale Cornish – Xeric Pattern 5
Rashad Becker – Themes I
O – Otava
Dale Cornish – Ulex Pattern 5
Michel Redolfi -The Underwater Park At Sunset
13 year olds racing heart after extreme exercise

Here’s Jonnine!

Amazing taste in music I think, one comment at the time was “hours of non-music” but I would say it depends on your point of view! I’d googled everyone I didn’t know about then and now since starting writing this post a few days ago I’m doing that again. It’s was kind-of for the epic Tassie fest called Dark Mofo by-way of the art group website called Unconscious Collective.

Track five above was something else going on at that fest, if I remember right but don’t quote me because I might be wrong. I couldn’t embed each of the hour long tracks but only as the four track in the playlist with that number five track included too. In 2015 it was designed for a 4 hour road trip from Hobart to Cradle Mountain. Even maps are the artwork of each of the mixtapes so maybe, if your in Tasmania and just can jump in your car and go for a drive now!

The word is out a brand new HTRK album is coming later this year, sometime? They are previewing it at the Vivid fest in Sydney on 31st of May. I’m going to miss out that but would have love to go. i-D/vice ran this great feature about Standish late last year, linked here if you do want even more?

Cheers 🙂

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