Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Let Go

Well ring the bell backwards
bury the axe
fall down on your knees in the dirt
I’m tied to the mast
between water and wind
believe me you’ll never get hurt
now the ring’s in the pawnshop
the rain’s in the hole
down at the Five Points I stand
I’ll lose everything
but I won’t let go of your hand

now Peter denied and Judas betrayed
I’ll pay with the roll of the drum
the wind will tell the turn from the wheel
the watchman’s making his rounds
well you leave me hanging
by the skin of my teeth
I’ve only got one leg to stand
you can send me to hell
but I’ll never let go of your hand

swing from a rope on a cross-legged tree
signed with the one-eyed jack’s blood
from Temple and Union
to Weyley and Grand
walking back home in the mud

I must make my best of the only way home
Marley deals only in stones
I’m lost on the midway
I’m reckless in your eyes
just give me a couple more throws
I’ll dare you to dine with
the cross-legged knights
dare me to jump and I will
I’ll fall from your grace
but I’ll never let go of your hand
I’ll never let go of your hand

Never Let Go was written by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, performed by Tom Waits. This does make Waits first time in SLS but I’ve blogged about him before, off course. This track was original released in-between his two epic albums 87’s Frank’s Wild Years and 92’s Bone Machine. Never Let Go was on the end credits for a totally forgotten 90’s film called American Heart starring Jeff Bridges and Edward Furlong. If you’ve ever seen it I’ll like to know where and when? Because it’s drop of the face of the earth as far as I can tell! The song was re-released on Tom’s boxset collection called Orphans in 2006 which this track was track nine on the disc two subtitled Bawlers. Seem like the perfect ‘Let Go’ theme song for me!

Kathleen Brennan and Tom Waits holding hands!

Cheers 🙂


    1. 70 bloody dollars! I don’t think i want or need it that bad!
      Have you seen it? Know it at all? Review it?
      Oh, there is one copy for US$17 but in it’s in region 1 which i think i can de-code or whatever you call it?
      I just watch a Russia film called The Italian from 2005 which was so great wicked! Have seen that?
      Cheers 🙂


      1. It’s 16 bucks! And I’ve just spotted it on YouTube. I haven’t seen it since it came out and it was really well performed – I mean these are great actors – but it was a bit of a bummer. Don’t know The Italian. Or do I? I’ve just found that on YouTube too. I’m immersed in sport at the moment! Your guy Danny Ricciardo just won the Monte Carlo Grand Prix! Vroooommmmmmm!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah i think i just found it too, on youtube so maybe i should watch it now or tonight?
        He drives the F1, right? Sorry but I’m like most less sporty Aussie ever!
        The Italian is about an a 6 year old orphan who is trying to find his mother, a lot of the film shot from his POV, they must have been dragging the camera along the ground to make it, won the top prize at Berlin Film Fest that year and other awards etc. it was pretty epic wicked! Only say because your a big film fan and you might like or enjoy it or something?


      3. I’m a motor sport nut, F1 is my nirvana. Yes, Danny Ric is F1!!!! He’s a great guy. Right now it’s tennis season. Great football tournie happening soon in Russia, it’s called the World Cup? Maybe you’ve heard of it???!!!! Trying to get into cricket but there are only so many hours in the day … The Italian? I will check it out. But so many recent films are wanting I am taking my pleasures in old movies. Waiting to see SOLO at the cinema – maybe tomorrow but I’m nervous cos Han and Chewie are my fave STAR WARS characters – we’re having mini heat wave so I’ve gotta sit out and get skin cancer – it’s all happening!!!

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      4. WOW! it really is, i didn’t know?
        Not adding anymore to your list of watching stuff but just asking have you ever watch the Aussie Rules Footy? i did watch a match a couple of weekends ago, West Cst vs Freo game and was going to watch again last weekend but missed it, oops!
        I did see on the news Aussie tennis star acting like totally d-head in France but didn’t watch the match, looks like it might have been funny or not or something?
        I haven’t seen any of the new star wars, are they any good? hope new Han and Chewie are good for you, will look out a blog post if you do one about it?
        Off course, just maybe watch The Italian film some other time or not at all, i guess it don’t matter at all really because it sounds like you very busy atm!
        Enjoy it all 🙂


      5. Hot as hell here. Up all night watching older stuff. Hoping if the sun goes in to catch up with my beloved Chewbacca later. I don’t watch Aussie Rules at all – doesn’t really appeal but I think you must mean Nick Kyrgios in Paris. What a card!!

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      6. Should i say or not? It only start to rain here last weekend which good thing really because it’s dry as hell!
        Yeah, i guess Aussie rules is a very, very, very Aussie thing 🙂


  1. Sounds a bit like Cocker. I like the raw edge in his voice.

    American Heart wasn’t awful, but easily forgettable. 😁 It capitalized off Furlong’s Terminator role but went downhill fast. I saw it at a Cheap Flicks theater in Pasadena in late ’92. 😁

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  2. I just remembered that years ago Waits and his wife were interviewed on a chat show over here donkey’s years ago and when they were asked how they met Waits said he met her in a church: he was praying and she was a nun. Love at first sight. The host believed him!!!

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