Wicked Songs: Save Me by Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood + Shall Be Released: With Animals by Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood

Monday morning blog post is a new song and coming soon album, the follow-up to the duo’s 2013 album Black Pudding. I’ve been pretty bad with oversea releases this year and just been banging on about Aussie stuff! But this Save Me video popped up in my YouTube feed as something I might like and you’re not wrong, oh my it’s so beautiful! I’ve just gotta blog something about it, even if it’s talking a lot of rubbish and not being very helpful about any of this!

Another Mark or a different guy with Mark as his first name has been my main highlight of other oversea acts this year, I should write something more about that album soon or later. Both are old blokes who a lot just don’t care about much anymore about, sorry to all the young kids bands, hipsters or whatever it is now? I’ll much more interested what these guys have to say than promote the latest, newest young act. 

Black Pudding came and when with no celebrate or fan-fair but would be one of my top five of 2013, you know? I been wanting a follow-up for a while now. Last year’s Mark Lanegan Band’s Gargoyle was total wicked album and on my end of year list as a fave album, recommend to check it out if you didn’t!

With Animals album cover artwork!

1. Save Me
2. Feast To Famine
3. My Shadow Life
4. Upon Doing Something Wrong
5. L.A. Blue
6. Scarlett
7. Lonesome Infidel
8. With Animals
9. Ghost Stories
10. Spaceman
11. One Way Glass
12. Desert Song

With Animals album track listing is just above and is out on August 24th this year, pre-order from record label here.

In other Lanegan news which I’ll like to share in this post is he’s now writing a memoir book called Sing Backwards And Weep to be published in the year 2020. Writing about everything including his time as a low-level crack dealer and a homeless heroin addict. Just published, well late last year by the same book company Da Capo Press who’s got the memoir deal is his lyrics book called I Am The Wolf: Lyrics and Writings and you to can order it here, I just got my copy just the other day and it’s just too amazing, I shouldn’t have waited so long to get it!

Mark has also just sung with Neko Case on her brand new song Curse Of The I-5 Corridor and live he’s been singing some old Joy Division songs with Peter Hook’s tribute too. I think I’ve just gotta do one of my top ten tracks blog post on Lanegan sooner or later too!

Mark Lanegan (left) & Duke Garwood (right) if you don’t know? 

Cheers 🙂


  1. Thanks man I’ve not heard these. And the news of a book in 2020 is great stuff too. Keep banging on about the Aussie stuff though. It’s why I come to WordPress. To hear about stuff that doesn’t make it to my door in the UK

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