Wicked Songs: You’ve Got A Friend by Time For Dreams + Cover Versions: The Smiths’ Death of a Disco Dancer by Time For Dreams

So the duo who I named last year’s record as my fave album of 2017 are back with a brand new song which comes on 7″ single too, if you want it or love that format?

Last year already seem like a very longtime ago, even if it was just six months back now! If you were a fan of these two before that album called In Time follow this link, if need more info because I don’t feel like telling the whole story or who the hell are they again today, OK? They did take a little while to do that album, dropping songs or singles before it and is the the start of the follow-up? I don’t know really, they or even the label is just selling this as a one-off single. Well, as far as I can tell! They’re continuing the moody, spacey, dreamy lyrics and music here on the new song. Coming with The Smiths cover song on the B-side Death of a Disco Dancer too!

Amanda Roff, singer-songwriter talking about this new song:

“You’ve got a friend (named as a homage to Carole King) was written during a time of depression, loneliness and general disillusionment with the human race. A tiny tale of kindness and friendship in a world of violence and apathy. Imagine getting into a fight on the way home from the pub and being rescued by a sinister hermit. You can’t decide if they are a saint or a serial killer. Death of a Disco Dancer seemed a thematically appropriate b side.” 


So that’s my 1st of June song blog post from this Friday, hope whoever check it outs enjoys it? It’s release on June 29, 2018 and off course just follow the bandcamp link to pre-order if you really dig it!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Heard this on the radio today and loved it/shazamed it, now I know more, cheers! Happy first day of winter, doesn’t Mark Lanegan have a song about this day? =)

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