Cover Versions: Cave’s Into My Arms by The Who’s Roger Daltrey

Sean Hughes once joked Engelbert Humperdinck would cover Nick Cave’s biggest hit ballad! Roger is far from Engelbert but I guess it’s the closest it’s been, you know? As far as huge rock n roll 60’s/70’s monster gods singers goes, you couldn’t find a bigger one than Daltrey! Showing off his more mellow side with just a piano as the backing music and no wild or crazy re-working, he does sing it so very beautifully too!

From The Who’s Roger Daltrey brand new solo album just released a few days ago on 1st of June, called As Long As I Have You. It has ten other tracks on the album, mainly Roger Daltrey wrote them but plus Stevie Wonder, Stephen Stills and the title track are three more covers. The Who’s Pete Townshend plays guitar on seven tracks too. I haven’t listen to the rest of the album at all, I know it’s not my thing but I’ve got to blog about this new Nick Cave cover. Maybe someone else who enjoys the album would share a few words below?

So off course adding today to my never ending collection of Cave covers goes Daltrey. After, if you missed it? Earlier this year the latest and greatest Aussie band called Gang Of Youth did do Straight To You and very late last year godfather of punk Iggy Pop did do Red Right Hand too.


In Nick Cave news he’s just kicked off the next rounds of live dates with his Bad Seeds band in Barcelona and then London in the last couple of days with even cameo by Kylie for a rare live airing of Wild Roses duet. Ireland is next and then off to pretty the the rest of Europe, South Americans including back to his old stomping ground Brazil and then finishing with a few more North American dates just in case you missed him earlier, well last year.

Still no word on any new album recordings but in the thing he’s doing called Conversations with Nick Cave: So, What Do You Want To Know? A kind-of talking small tour but plays a few songs solo on piano too. He did say Warren Ellis and him are starting to work on something. Interview with Bad Seeds drummer Jim Sclavunos just yesterday says pretty much nothing is plan as yet but did go on to say as a band we are ready when he is. So everyone is saying not much basically which is not a big surprise at all with this big tour on for almost the rest of this year even if they are doing it in secret in-between, before, after or all of the above and more the earliest would be 2019. Maybe in the meantime a DVD/album of the Distant Sky: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live in Copenhagen might be nice to listen/watch again for those who can’t get to any of these latest shows or maybe you can and just want it too.

You can also buy a whole magazine of just him too by English music mag Uncut which just update version they printed in 2013 but now with new afterword by Warren Ellis plus all about the last album Skeleton Tree now added. What I remember it was pretty great reading with old NME, Melody Maker interviews and album reviews plus stuff like himself, famous friends, fans, bandmates picking his 30 best songs etc. all in 148 pages.

Anyway that’s my Tuesday blog post, hope whoever checks it out enjoys it!

Cheers 🙂



  1. Ah, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Nick Cave singing this song, one of the most perfect songs ever in my opinion. Did just have a listen to the cover, nice, thanks for sharing as always! =)

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