Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Metaphor

Slight of hand
Jump off the end
Into a clear lake
No one around
Just dragonflies
No one gets hurt
You’ve done nothing wrong
Slide your hand
Jump off the end
The water’s clear
And innocent
The water’s clear
And innocent



Codex songwriters are Colin Greenwood, Edward O’Brien, Jonathan Greenwood, Philip Selway and Thomas Edward Yorke or that’s the band Radiohead. To me, Radiohead are the greatest metaphor band or at less one of them from a lot. You could say almost everything that lyric writer Thom Yorke writes is a metaphor, full stop. I don’t know? If anyone is a fan of Radiohead here on SLS? I do remember when this album in 2011 called The King Of Limbs just came out the ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher said something like: “Radiohead writing an album about a fucking old tree? Give me a fucking break!” but I just want to tell the guy who’s most famous for singing his older brother’s words it’s not about a tree! Gallagher when on to say “You’d have thought he’d have written song about a new tree or one that was planted last week, you know what I mean?” At which point you wish he would just be quite and think about it just a little before ranting off again because every time he opens his month just sounds like he was the one that was planted last week! I think I’ve got to write more about this album and these songs in another post sometime sooner or later but I did do my top ten Radiohead songs a couple of weeks back, if want more just follow this link here! If you want more?


Song Lyric Sunday this weekend is brought to us by Jim Adams again and was to post a song with a metaphor in the title or lyrics, check and check!

Cheers 🙂



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