Cover Versions: Rockwiz Top Ten Duets

Well, did do a post of fave JJJ’s Like A Version covers last month so following on from that, kind-of! It was the blogger Richmond Road remind me about Rockwiz just the other day! So here’s my fave ten duet covers from Aussie SBS TV music quiz show called Rockwiz! Now I haven’t watch it in a while so these are all pretty early ones so maybe I might have to stream some newer shows but all these are pretty great, well I do think they’re so what do you think now?

Clare Bowditch & Ed Kuepper – Summer Wine (Lee Hazlewood)

Sarah Blasko & Mick Harvey – Sundown Sundown (Lee Hazlewood)

Glenn Richards & Amanda Brown – Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazlewood)

Gareth Liddiard & Taasha Coates – Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones)

Gareth Liddiard & Adalita – Messin’ With The Kid (The Saints)

Adalita & J Mascis – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)

Ron Peno & Jen Cloher – If I Were A Carpenter (Tim Hardin)

Courtney Barnett & Dave Faulkner – Everybody Moves (Died Pretty)

Patience Hodgson & Broderick Smith – Time To Pretend (MGMT)

Paul Dempsey & Kate Miller-Heidke – Careless Whisper (George Micheal)

Tex Perkins & Clare Bowditch – Fairytale Of New York (The Pogues)

Well, it seems my fave songwriter to cover here is Lee Hazlewood three times and then double appears by Clare Bowditch, Gareth Liddiard and Adalita which I guess is no big surprise at all! Oops, it’s 11 songs not 10 so I really can’t count too!

Host Julia Zemiro on RocKwiz at Zoo Twilights!

So for oversea blog readers who know nothing about this TV show, or maybe even Aussie too who never watched it? It’s been going for 14 seasons with close to 200 episodes now! Mainly filmed at an old Aussie pub called The Espy in St. Kilda, Melbourne. The quiz teams are made up on the day of filming of audiences members who are quizzed before the cameras start rolling, the show format has changed a little over the years but the first couple of questions are who am I style and are intros two performers, male and female singers who then sing their own song. Then at the end of the night sing a duet cover together! Everyone sit around drinking and having fun, they somehow edit a TV together and put it on SBS. I think I have blog it or one or two duets before somewhere?

Does anyone want to share their fave duet/s with me?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Very difficult to find a top 10 isn’t it? So many good ones miss out! I might have to create one of my own in response. Do you remember a version of ‘Blue Christmas’ on one of the Christmas specials featuring Tex Perkins and Paris Wells? I can’t seem to track it down.

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    1. I’m not the biggest fan of Xmas songs but I do love the Aussie accents singing that Irish classic! So sorry I don’t know that one but must be somewhere? I would love to see/hear your picks, now that would be wicked cool! 🙂


  2. This is a cool idea for a post!! Did you know I have actually been to a couple of the Rockwiz filmings in St Kilda? Soooo fun! I love both Brian and Julia, especially Julia! I think you’d do so well up on stage William with all of your musical knowledge! My fave duet is one that I was there for, not sure if you have ever seen it but it was the Jeff Martin/Tina Arena performance of ‘Don’t Give Up’ (which happens to be one of my fave songs too). I remember it was such a goose-bumps performance, I probably had tears (it was a long time ago so I can’t recall but I know what I’m like, a big sook sometimes). Link here if you’d like a listen! They were both so great that night. Looking forward to having a listen to your top ten/eleven! =)

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    1. Oh that’s really cool, I bet it was a lot of fun because looks like it! They have tour here but I’ve never been to it!
      Yeah, I do know that duet, it’s a great one but kind-off forgotten about it or something, was going with the singers more than the songs, well maybe? I’m not a big Jeff or Tina fan, they did such an huge epic song but pull it offf amazingly! See what you think about my picks? maybe not as good as that one!

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      1. Yep great picks William, nice variety. Heaps of great artists! You’ll have to do another Top Ten at some stage! Yeah Jeff and Tina were fab! Maybe not ppl one would normally put together, which is part of why Rockwiz is so cool! =)

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      2. I’ve actually already started putting a list together, I think I’ve got five so far, they’re all ones that I love (either at least one or both artists and/or the song)! Will probs post early next week, safe to say ‘Don’t Give Up’ will likely feature on it! =)

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  3. I think you nailed it. I listened to every duet on and couldn’t find any better, although Tex Perkins and Deborah Conway doing Love Hurts is pretty good, and Kat Spazzy & Chris Bailey camping it up on My Boyfriend’s Back is sorta good.

    My question is how did you remember that these were the 10?

    I just love Rockwiz and the duets are the icing on the cake.

    Great idea, william!

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    1. Well, I have far from listen to all of them but I will take your word for it seems your saying that it couldn’t be better! Someone else was asking how i remember or even find it etc. like the old songs in the yearly playlists but i don’t know really?
      Cheers man!

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