Wicked Songs: Mentions by HTRK

The day finally come I’ve wait for, that’s the brand new HTRK track has dropped early today! It’s only been four years since the last album but seems like ten years or something? Anyway I’ve just got to blog post it now because they’re I think my fave band ever or at least top five or something like that! I’ve wrote blog posts about them before which is most likely complete rubbish but just have a listen this new song or the old stuff and how could you not fall in love with them?

After the canned Sydney Opera House shows because Nigel broke his collarbone in a car crash. A new gig in Melbourne town has been announced which includes a 5 hour DJ set by Moonpie with HTRK live set in-between at The Night Cat on 6th July 2016 but the night finish around 3AM, tickets here!

I will keep this post short because there is nothing more to say or no more HTRK news other than the new single precedes a new HTRK full-length album currently in production, no date named about that yet but I guess we will see? One new song today and another next month is pretty great start which will at least keep me busy and happy for a while, how about you?

Single cover artwork by Gian Manik

Cheers 🙂


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