Shall Be Released: Distant Sky EP by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds + Cover Versions: Yet Even More Cave Covers

So we are getting a four track EP culled from the live gig movie at the end of September, I don’t know about this idea? I did want to just watch it all again but maybe that’s still coming? Later on sometime? I would prefer the live versions of a few or even all or what was it? The six or seven of the songs from Skeleton Tree album because some of those was quite a bit different that the album versions. The Mercy Seat, From Her To Eternity and Jubilee Street are off course bloody great live. I don’t know but I must have god knows how many versions of The Mercy Seat by now? I even do already have a great live version of Jubilee Street on vinyl too!

Anyway I am blogging about Mr. Cave and his Bad Seeds band yet again today on Thursday morning after missing yesterday. I was trying to post something every day this month but I guess, I stuffed that up now, maybe that’s just overboard? What do you think? Can anyone read/look at this blog that much? Does anyone even what too? Might try to do some different things next week, OK?

So at the very top of the post is a playlist of all the songs that were play at that show in Copenhagen but that’s the studio versions NOT the live recordings. Just below is the official one minute clip of title track of that coming soon EP and what they did say about that movie released back in April this year!

Released on 12” vinyl and digitally on 28 September. Pre-order available on 9 July.

Distant Sky EP Track listing:

1. Jubilee Street

2. Distant Sky (Else Torp on vocals)

3. From Her To Eternity

4. The Mercy Seat

The film synopsis did say this:

Recorded at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena in October 2017, Distant Sky captures an extraordinary and triumphant live concert from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Performing new album Skeleton Tree’s exquisite compositions alongside their essential catalogue, the band’s first shows in 3 years provoked an ecstatic response in fans, critics and band alike, renewing a profound and intimate relationship wherever they played. The band’s acclaimed tour started in Australia in January 2017 before tearing across the USA and ending in Europe, with some of the best reviews of their decorated career.

It was directed by award winning filmmaker David Barnard.

The Bad Seeds on this 2017 tour were:

Nick Cave
Warren Ellis
Thomas Wydler
Martyn Casey
Jim Sclavunos
George Vjestica
Larry Mullins


Yet even more Nick Cave covers I’ve dug up today too. From some reason I’ve not posts these ones, well the Sun Kil Moon cover from soundcloud but now found it on YouTube. Almost all have been done the last few years, maybe I was meaning to get to them but haven’t so here they are now!

The Ship Song by Lissie

Into My Arms by Paloma Faith

Opium Tea by Cold War Kids

Do You Love Me? by Chrysta Bell

Higgs Boson Blues by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer

The Ship Song by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder

The Weeping Song by Sun Kil Moon

I have done a few posts of Cave covers, maybe I should have just one huge post with them all but the newest cover is by The Who’s singer just a few weeks back and then back in early March with links in that post here back to the even earlier posts if you need even more tonight? It seem to be say there I’ve blogged something like over 50, 60 of his tracks covered in that time!

So because I’m doing yet another post about this guy, band plus we do have a couple of months wait in the meantime that live EP. Here’s some more live show’s mobile phone YouTube clips that are pretty cool. These below have nothing to do with that above official release, you know? Just me flying off on this tangent now!

Rings Of Saturn from just the other day so here’s hoping that it get’s played more than just a couple of times like it did on last years tour!

Girl In Amber


The Wind River soundtrack song Three Season In Wyoming playing over the PA before Anthrocene as the live show’s opening epic song!

 Which might be a good place to stop this post because it could go on forever if I do start doing this and off-course, kind-of did this before last year on this blog post linked here, if you really do want some more of that?

Cheers 🙂


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