New Music: Self-titled by Mark Kozelek

So following just the other day’s post a couple days back, this is the only other new album that I’ve got this year! I’ve been totally pretty slack when it comes to it all this year, I’ve listen to some but not buy it, a few things I missed last year so got it this year plus some reissues too but I was say the other day it’s going to be this big mid-year type thingy posts but maybe not so, fail!

Now I’ve talked, wrote about Mark a little or is it a lot? Since starting this blog, my first type of new album post was the self-titled Jesu/Sun Kil Moon album in 2016 and then his With Ben Boye and Jim White album last year. So that’s most likely my fave album per year by him but he’s released more albums in that time. Some I do like a lot more than other ones in last few years plus than the same going even further back to his even older stuff.

Anyway I do really, really like or even love this one. It’s two CD’s yet again with something like almost 90 minutes of his music which all songs were recorded in hotel rooms and then a little in a recording studio but all in his home town of San Francisco with only himself playing his electric and nylon string guitars on the 11 tracks and they ‘re no banjos even if they is a song called The Banjo Song. Oh, one song does have ex-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley on it which is called Sublime. Yeah, that song is name after the 90’s band called Sublime you might remember? Because Mark does but I don’t at all, after three albums Bradley Nowell the singer and guitarist of Sublime died of a heroin OD in 1996 so Mark does sing all about and more. Like my hometown re-appears in his song yet again with the line “Bon Scott’s soul covers over Perth” which I think this third time for Perth and the second time for Bon Scott too!

Taking his stream of consciousness lyrics to yet another level or maybe it should be it yet another direction. Even this time his lyrics in the track Weed Wacker ask “Am I talking or am I singing? What’s your opinion?” then “Your the guy rapping all night, who do you think you are? LL Cool J? Yeah, who the fuck am I? Just someone singing for Spotify” and could say he does just ramble on and on but the opening This Is My Town might as was well be called “this is my sound” so this album he has got even closest to my ideally Mr. Mark Kozelek album or something I think he should do, which is just one very long 80 minute song to fill one whole CD without a pause or break in music or even words. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or maybe that’s just totally crazy!

Taking Mark word for what he sung as truth is tricky thing too, in the song called 666 Post he sings about his son who want to be a film director when he grows-up but he doesn’t have any children at all, you know? So what else is he just making up but sung like it’s happening to him but I guess he’s a songwriter and that what they all do, make stuff that sounds great. BTW this time is the first album without a lyric booklet for a while now which does seem to be just getting longer and longer.

Another animated video clip for the song 666 Post just popped up a couple of days ago. So following the Weed Wacker song/video clip a months or two back, that might be a record from any Kozelek album with two video clips for one album. He rarely made any promo video clips at all. Both don’t really star him at all because they’re animated, this time it seems Mark has a Halloween pumpkin head, both are just below. I really don’t if I can pick my fave track from this album yet? Maybe it would be out of This Is My Town, Weed Whacker, Sublime and Young Riddick Bowe. Might just finish up about the album now because I wanted say a couple other things in this post. Have a listen to it and let me know what you think about it?

Sun Kil Moon has got another brand new for the end of this year already, he’s working yet another brand new album for early 2019 too! Plus in other MK news he’s done two Bob Dylan covers at New York Bobby tribute show: Who Killed Davey Moore? and With God on Our Side. Also you can download for free a 15 minute song called Day In America with Donny McCaslin and Jim White featuring Kevin Corrigan about the Florida shooting earlier this year from his own website linked here, oh plus there is a link to Tidal playlist of Mark Kozelek what are you listening to? Two Aussie acts are on his ten track list and then Phoebe Bridgers’ interview him plus some other cool stuff on his site, check it out if you never have! BTW if ordering your copy of this new album from there you get bonus free CD of Live In Chicago which the second track on this album is all about too, swings and roundabouts!

Mark Kozelek track listing:

1. This Is My Town – 7:16
2. Live In Chicago – 6:04
3. The Mark Kozelek Museum – 10:27
4. My Love for You Is Undying – 13:08
5. Weed Whacker – 8:04
6. Sublime – 5:09
7. Good Nostalgia – 4:42
8. 666 Post – 6:06
9. The Banjo Song – 12:42
10. Young Riddick Bowe – 5:42
11. I Cried During Wall Street – 8:55


So here’s two albums I didn’t get but did think about it, maybe you can’t buy everything anyway? Call them honors mention awards or something?

 A Productive Cough by Titus Andronicus: Released early April this album remind me of the new Arctic Monkeys when it came out in mid-May which I was shock no one compared the two because both are guitar rock bands start doing piano songs and that don’t happen every day of the week but Monkeys got more Nick Cave comparisons. That opening song is just like Alex totally ripped Pat off but Titus do go more rock after it, off course!

Blue Poles by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders: Released in May the third Dreamlanders and the fifth Jack album overall but I didn’t find that good or great as the last couple or a little disappointing, maybe just too close to those albums and he or they’re not pushing it forward anymore but just doing too much of the same thing. Sarah Blasko also did nicked the two rhythm guys and maybe she got the best out of them on her album too?

Some other albums have come out just this month and I’ll most likely figure out later on if I’m getting them because I haven’t yet. Off course, a lot albums have came out in the last six months so I’ve most likely missed somethings too. I did blog earlier about Modern Convenience by Mod Con, A Laughing Death in Meatspace by TFS, Mother by Xylouris White, Bootikins by Augie March, The Don by Donny Benet and Depth Of Field by Sarah Blasko so adding up all of those it’s nine, almost ten albums for the first half of 2018, you know? No really huge big names but I don’t think I’m that interested in them anymore, well other than Nick Cave! So that’s both my new Mark’s album write-up plus mid-year report thingy today all in one very long post, god knows who going to read all that?

Cheers 🙂

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