Remembering: Pantera’s Vinnie Paul

So it seems over this weekend just gone Pantera co-founder and drummer Vinnie Paul aka Vincent Paul Abbott passed away in his sleep at just the age of 54. Pantera were a bit of a fave heavy metal band back in 90’s. Also I think they have even popped up on my blog before, like just a couple of weekends back for SLS post and last year’s Shuffle My Music Libary post too maybe more and really should write more about them at some stage too.

Off course, his brother was in Pantera too but back in 2004 guitar player “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was tragic murder at a gig by some madman with a gun in America. So no reunion tour anytime soon for Pantera, I guess! Labelled at some stage as groove or groovy metal thanks to Vinnie’s drum beats, I don’t think that label is remembered very well at all but if you’ve never hear them before it’s a good way to disciple them I think? They’re on my CA list of my fave albums, can anyone guess which is my fave one? Or should just stop stuffing about and write it? I haven’t done any CA list posts for like six months or more now!

As with previous Remembering posts, the last one was The Cramps drummer too! I’ve YouTube them this Monday morning, maybe not the best thing but just call it Metal Monday morning post. Anyway just a few fave songs some from the main albums and even soundtracks by them plus thrown a couple of wicked covers, a punk and metal classic tracks as covered by Pantera. Sorry to say I never listen to his post-Pantera bands so it’s all Pantera tracks below!

Psycho Holiday

The Art Of Shredding

Cemetery Gates

Fucking Hostile

The Badge (Poison Idea cover)

Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)


I’m Broken

That’s only eight tracks today which is a just a small sample of their music but I say that in all these Remembering posts. Thanks Vinnie Paul for all the music and rest in peace!


Cheers 😥

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