New Music: Different Beings Being Different by West Thebarton + Live Gigs: West Thebarton & Pist Idiots @ Mojo’s

Formerly know as West Thebarton Brothel Party but had to drop the last two words because you can’t have those kind-of things as a band name which is basically the reason I check them out in the first place. Anyway the seven piece line-up from Adelaide, South Australia played down at Freo over the weekend just gone plus because the other day I didn’t even make it to double figures in my mid-year list fave albums also I’ve been pretty shit at writing about live gigs this year too on my blog! Here’s a post in the last week of June to make up for it, maybe?

They do have a few more shows of the Aussie tour but in August they’re off to Europe and UK so maybe some can see them over there? They do put on one hell of a bloody great show, you know? I’m getting a little old now but all the youngsters there did go ape-shit crazy at Mojo’s for them! I don’t know how they fitted seven member on the tiny Mojo’s stage. Right at the start the female drummer walked on and started pumping the beat, then the then all the blokes followed with bass player joined her next and a guitar player, another guitar player came on then another two guitar players and finally the singer, it was pretty insane!

Different Beings Being Different is the debut album by West Thebarton released in early May after an self-titled EP and 7″ single over the last couple of years. They played this whole album plus throwing in the Florence + The Machine cover saying “We played a cover on the radio the other day” and also I’ve included an older song about Aussie cricketer Glenn McGrath because I remember they played that live! According to their own facebook page Mojo’s has been the wildest show of the tour, well so far!

The album is 11 tracks in just under 40 minutes. I haven’t yet got a physical copy of this album myself but I will do because I keep streaming it more and more and after seeing them play it’s been played even more over the last two or three days since then! Running a little late today with my blog post because it’s now nighttime but they’re most likely better at this time to listen to them anyway. Hope anyone, everyone who checks this blog post out enjoy them? If your not a fan yet, maybe you will become one?

The two local W.A. earlier support set were great by Flowermouth and Spacey Jane but even if did miss the start of the opening band I did like Spacey Jane just a little better. But what the hell do you say about the third and final and support act? Pist Idiots from Bankstown, Sydney N.S.W. almost as insane as the headliners and I will be checking them out more and more and highly recommend anyone and everyone reading this blog please do check them out!

  That’s the Pist Idoits new self-titled EP released at the end of May, just to finish off this post on this Tuesday’s night!

Different Beings Being Different track listing:

1. Moving Out
2. Basics
3. Stuck On You
4. Gough
5. Bible Camp
6. Reasons
7. Anatomy
8. Ivan
9. Do You Believe
10. On The Hill
11. Set It Straight


Cheers 🙂


  1. Love this, ‘I’m getting a little old now but the youngster did go ape-shit crazy at Mojo’s for them!’!! Hehehe! Never too old William. Great write-up! =)

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      1. I don’t mind at all if you miss your Ssssssss! Well I love that the Freo show was the wildest one yet, haha, you bloody crazy WA people! =)

        Liked by 1 person

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